Getting a Portugese NIF as a non-resident

I am trying to get a Portuguese NIF number for the number and in the past I needed a legal representation for it. Apparently from July 2022 you do not need that if you have no tax obligations and if you register with viactt. Am I correct?

Do I still need a legal representation to get a NIF for the first time or can I do that by myself, provided it is hassle free? If I can do it by myself could someone please guide me as to how to do it.

Might have better information in the Golden Visa Portugal sub group…or search the resources tab…

It seems from posts that yes you can do it but it seems like you have to obtain one directly from PT offices or if you use an online service, etc…you are able to switch out the fiscal representative by doing something on your account to get online notifications.

Hope this helps…

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I used You don’t need a lawyer to obtain your NIF for you. A year ago this site was charging €79, but now it’s €99. You pay the same amount from the second year onwards for fiscal representation.

The process is hassle free, they have a portal where you upload the documents they need from you, and a few days later they’ll send you your NIF number via email.

I have another site that uses 80 Euro, but I was wondering if I do not have to use them at all so removing them will not be a hassle as some were claiming on the board.

I was hoping not to use them at all and find a way of getting NIF by myself. Some postings had problems with removing them not that you do not need them anymore. Or should I just use them to get the number first and then try to remove them?