NIF, D7, and tax representative

I am looking to apply for NIF and perhaps eventually D7. I read here that you no longer need a legal representative to maintain your NIF number, does that mean I do not need one to apply for one if I am outside Portugal. If so is there a site that I can use and get a NIF number by myself? Thanks

Hi Kevin,

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I think a NIF is absolutely necessary if youโ€™re thinking of living in Portugal. I had gotten mine while opening the bank account remotely. The bank had applied on my behalf.

I hope this helps.

Goid luck with your plans.


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Hi Taufiq,

I will get the NIF. What is your bank maybe I should open an account with them, or use them in future. I think they are lawyers that get you NIF for around 80 Euro and apparently no longer you need to maintain them on yearly basis and all you need to do is to register with an online organization I can not recall their name.


Hi Kevin,

My bank is Millennium bcp.

I find having a tax representative useful. Even though I have access to the Financas portal, Iโ€™m unable to navigate because of lack of knowledge of Portuguese. My tax representative reminds me to pay the taxes and gives me the amount to pay each time a payment needs to be made.



Thanks for the info.