Getting a Portuguese National Health Service number

Just passing on the information that you can get a Portuguese National Health Service number (Número do Utente) via email as long as your residency card has a central Lisbon address on it.
Seems this was a COVID measure that was extended.
The email to write to is:


My recent experience in applying for the same (not in Lisbon though):

  • applied in person at my local Health Center
  • was directed to Social Security to obtain the NISS first (showing them ePortugal website on my phone which did not mention a NISS as a pre-requisite did not help. Computer said No…)
  • applied for a NISS at Social Security with my passport, GV card and a hand-filled form
  • got NISS in a letter through the post in about a week
  • now just looking forward to visit the Health Center again after the Holidays :thinking: :confetti_ball:

I didn’t have to provide a social security number. Just a scanned copy of my GV residency card and passport.

My residency card has a Porto address (my lawyers’). Can I still use this email or is there another email for Porto?

This email address only works for central Lisbon addresses