Requirement to get SNS-Health Card

I am planning to stay in a Hotel/ Airbnb for a month in Lisbon after getting the residency card.

  1. I understand to get the SNS card for the family, each member must have a NIF number.
  2. Further, a address in Portugal has to be given. Will the hotel or Airbnb address be sufficient or does the applicant have to show a long lease rent agreement.
  3. A Portuguese phone number has to be given. Can the same phone number be given for all the family members or do all the members need to have a Portuguese phone number.
    Will appreciate feedback from members.
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You may want to see this post:

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  1. NIF is definitely needed for adults, including children over 18 (most likely needed for minor children also but not 100% sure)
  2. Those with an existing residential real estate investment can use that address (and apply at the centre closest to that address). Don’t know what would work in other cases.
  3. Same Portuguese phone number can be given for all members. A simple prepaid SIM can be bought in Portugal.

Your lawyer should be able to help with the process.

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