Health insurance requirements for the Portuguese Golden Visa

I have been trying to find out what the health insurance requirements are for getting a Portuguese Golden Visa. I have read numerous articles and postings that indicate that some kind of proof of international coverage is required, but this seems to be in conflict with the idea that you only need to spend on average 7 days/year in Portugal during the initial 5 years. If I were to continue to live and work in the US during the 5 year GV period, I would keep my existing work-based US health insurance. From what I’ve seen you can’t even GET most/all international health insurance plans while you reside in the US. So does the GV requirement for international health insurance only kick in after the initial 5 year period is over (or if you move there long term prior to the 5 yr mark)? What have people’s experiences been in this regard during the application process?


Steven, check out this thread over here:

That would imply that someone only planning to stay for 7 days during year 1 would just have to purchase Travel Medical Insurance (at the most) in order to qualify for the visa. But then, having gotten the visa, one could move there permanently in year 2 with no additional insurance requirement (since they already gave you the visa). Is that not true?

I’m not suggesting that it would be wise to move there without some kind of International Health Insurance, but it does seem like that would be possible within the current rules.

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Interesting. I know that the D7 visas also have the same international health insurance requirement wording in their applications, so it would make sense that they actually do have to prove they have it to get the visa if there is no way for them to acquire a PT SSN. And although a GV does still allow for the possibility that you can get a job in PT, I’ve seen nothing like that mentioned in regards to GV holders being able to access the PT healthcare system.

Guys, first let’s not confuse the American SSN with Portuguese SNS! :grinning:
The Portuguese “SSN” is called NIF, and you must have one already when applying for GV.
And here’s the very detailed guide on how to obtain the SNS (Serviço Nacional de Saúde) number courtesy of @nevadaandonward :

Quoting the official instruction on obtaining the SNS number:
“If you are a foreign citizen living in Portugal, you must submit: residence permit and Tax Identification Number (tax card)”

residence permit = GV
Tax Identification Number = TIN = NIF


I guess this scenario is possible, however you will have to get your PMI (private medical insurance) or SNS for the GV renewal.
And by the way, SEF does not require an “International” health insurance. A local PT private health insurance would do just fine (but SNS would be equally fine).

Regarding the PT PMI, when I was looking into the options last year the following order of preference was recommended to me by a local friend:
1 - Medis
2 - Fidelidad

Within that, “Medis Fit” plan was the cheapest.
But I did not take it out yet for all the reasons noted above.

This is not true. The NIF is your tax number and the NISS is your social security number. They are not the same.

NIF = Número de Identificação Fiscal
NISS = Número de Identificação de Segurança Social

Apologies for getting this part incorrect.
There is a nice video explaining all three numbers: SNS, NISS and NIF.