Using American Health Insurance for Golden Visa

I am an American applying for a Portuguese Golden Visa. My attorney is asking me to purchase health insurance for my visa or provide American proof of insurance. My insurance meets the Schengen requirement of 30,000 Euro minimum and valid in all 28 countries. Both Blue Shield and Kaiser will provide proof of insurance, but not one that states that it meets the Schengen requirements. Has anyone had this issue? Were you able to overcome it?

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Perhaps you could check out at least these two providers where you can hopefully find a solution that suits you and an insurance company that could solve the problem you raise. , I really hope their services would help you with your problem or https: // Here is another site where you can see other possible options available, which you might like the most at the moment ? cigna_quote_form_global_response utm_campaign = & utm_medium = email & _hsmi = 86339383 & _hsenc = p2ANqtz-9L6RU0GE78EL2oVZhdlJl0Nwl5PGozuwRIvCW0W7nmTY1dceZuGTr3XUrZmfdnhxyZu5GlTk493rPGRprgmIkOy7bhEQ & utm_content = cigna_quote_apply & utm_source = crm

Where can I get my Schengen travel insurance certificate?

Hii Michael, I’m looking into the GV and would love it if you had any info/advice to share. Which route are you using? Do you have a lawyer you can recommend? How far along are you in the process? Stuff like that…

Thanks! And nice to (virtually) meet you!


Thanks Sami

I already have valid insurance in the US so trying to avoid buying additional coverage I would never use.

Hey Al…Tang,

I’m surprised to read that Kaiser offers coverage other than emergency services to members who are vacationing out side their plans defined service area. Residency outside of a Kaiser might void your Insurance eligibility. Blue Cross offers international plans that are defined as world wide.

Morning Kadek,

I should clarify. I am not planning on moving to Portugal for a little bit. To apply for the Golden Visa, you will need proof of emergency care insurance at a minimum of 30,000 Euros. I just need to prove it to SEF which is more difficult than I would like. When I move, I will purchase whatever insurance is required although I thought it was included once I moved there.


I second Kadak: I applied for an Italian “visto residenze eletivo” that required all sorts of proofs of independence, including full health insurance. My Italian immigration attorney looked the my BC-BS policy and its guarantee of coverage worldwide (NB. by reimbursement of expenses) – virtually the same coverage as in the US. The limits are of course your out of pocket and your deductible, but otherwise it covers everything. Look at your BC-BS policy and you’ll find the paragraphs that describe it. That should be all that the atty you’re working with needs to see. You can also call BC-BS and they can issue a simple electronic letter to you that states as much. Finally, spend some time on BC-BS’s international program page. Lots’ of good info. You will be directed to the page of their international partner (GMMI, I think it’s called) where you can identify a participating doc in your destination city, before your travel; some of those docs are willing to bill the system, as far as I understand, but this is not guaranteed.

Possibly because their insurance doesn’t meet Schengen requirements? The 30k minimum is only one of the requirements.

Thanks. This was very helpful.

OK. Will look into it.