Getting a Portuguese NIF in times of Omicron (2022)

Hi everyone :grinning:

I can see that the topic of NIF application has been discussed several times already :joy: still, I would like to know if anyone was able to obtain a NIF recently or at least to get an appointment at Financas? Or do you happen to know a Financas Office where you can get the NIF without prior appointment currently?
I tried so far:

  • Calling the hotline
    My Portuguese is still limited unfortunately. I was initially happy when the lady on the phone spoke some English. However, she was not able to understand me when I told her my e-mail address (even when I tried to spell everything in Portuguese) to confirm the appointment. So in the end she just told me to go to a certain tax office in Porto at a certain time, and that an appointment was reserved for me. After that, I e-mailed said office and of course the appointment doesn’t exist :upside_down_face:
  • E-mailing several Financas Offices
    I either didn’t get a response or I was advised to call the hotline for an appointment

I am an EU citizen (and EU resident), so in theory I don’t need a tax representative, but I am thinking about getting one now. So can you recommend online services like or, or do you have any other advice?

Many thanks :wave:

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used and was very easy and worth the cost to not have to figure it all out. you need a tax rep if you dont live in PT and they take care of that.

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NIF Online has also received good feedback from the community, and is by far the most affordable option.

You even get an additional discount if you use the code nomadgate . I believe the same code works for bordr.

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Do you live in Portugal? If you do, just go to a Financas office early and say you want to get a NIF, if they ask you why, say “for opening a bank account”. I’ve done this last December in Lisbon, and got appointments just by going there in two other Financas offices.

Hi all,

I live in Germany and cannot come to Portugal, so tried to get NIF via email as per Thomas’ article. This seems not to be possible. Any one succeeded recently?