Global bank accounts


(Kevin Morgan ) #1

Hi guys,
I know you guys have probably been asked this before but I travel to Vietnam a lot and want to get a bank account that i can use in Vietnam. I know HSBC, Citibank and possibly ING. Are there any others out there?

I don’t want to be paying fees everytime i withdrawal money at atms and shops etc.


(Iso) #2

What countries are you resident in / citizen of? That typically affects where you can open accounts. Certain accounts in US, UK, Australia, Singapore etc have free ATM withdrawals but it depends on what your current global footprint is.

(Kevin Morgan ) #3

I live in Australia but want to use the bank account overseas particularly in Vietnam



(Thomas K. Running) #4

As an Aussie, HSBC and Citibank are probably your best bets. Not sure if ATMs in Vietnam charge a fee however. If they do, and you often withdraw cash you might be better off researching local banks that allow non-residents to open an account.


(Kevin Morgan ) #5

Yeah i have checked local banks in Vietnam but i have to be living in Vietnam or married to a local… I think HSBC is probably the best so far