Bank of China, Singapore

Hey gang,

I’m an Australian resident wanting to open a Bank of China account, Singapore branch (individual account).

They are asking for:
For your information, to open a BOC MCS Account, you must be 18 years or older, and the following documents are required:

  • Foreigners: original Passport, Employment Pass/ S Pass/ Student Pass/ Long-term Social Visit Pass, proof of address (bank statement/ utility bills/ mobile bill/ tenancy agreement within 3 months).

  • Minimum deposit of S$1,500.

Does anyone know of any short-courses in Singapore that would make me eligible for a Student Pass, or indeed, if anyone has experience opening a BOC account as a foreigner?

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I wouldn’t trust anything Chinese with you money. Why not DBS, UOB, Citi, or one of the many other banks in Singapore?

Is your goal here to open any bank account in Singapore or are you specifically targeting BOC for one reason or another? There are BOC branches in Australia for example, and there are BOCs in the U.S. where they operate under the U.S. banking rule & regulation (and therefore open to US residents).

If your goal is the former, know that Singapore has gotten very strict about opening accounts for foreigners and they scrutinize everything. Trying to scam them with a Student Pass might work but I’m not sure how you would pass the “bank statement/ utility bills/ mobile bill/ tenancy agreement within 3 months” residency test - unless you are able to supply those, and if so, how would you explain what you’re doing in Singapore for the past 3 months.

My A$0.02 worth.

Hi Jim,

Thanks for your response.

I was hoping to open at BOC as I’ll be doing work across China, Singapore and Australia - and feel it would help to build a credit profile across the Asian regions.

Thanks for outlining some of the SIngaporean issues - will take a closer look here,