Global Citizen Solutions versus Henley & Partners?

We are comparing Global Citizen Solutions versus Henley & Partners, going the investment route. Does anyone have any experience with either? Any companies you can recommend?

What is the value add of services like Henley and Partners over other lawyers? I contacted them and their quoted service fee (€30,000) seems relatively steep.

I agree they were 25K euros. There seem to be a lot of different players in this area and didn’t know how much any one companies contacts might speed the process along.

Hi Joseph, I have been talking to GCS the past few months and they have come across has quite professional. They were also quite connected and helped easily to arrange calls with fund managers. I have not yet signed with them but might do so. Had talked to a couple of lawyers/services firms prior to that and either they were not too forthcoming and helpful and/or were mostly real estate oriented.

Thank you Jayanth,

This is good to hear.

We are speaking to one of their fund managers this week. We are also speaking to 2 other companies, La Vida and Get Golden Visa, if anyone wants feedback on these vendors.

I’ve been in contact with GCS as well, but for the real estate route. Glad to hear that you have had positive interactions with them even though you are going the investment route, as it is hard to get a handle over the internet about whether an organization is “real” or not.

Hi Joseph,

Of curiosity, does their fee include lawyer’s fee to complete investment, travel costs, translation of documents, legalization of documents, etc? Those can add up quite quickly to a sizeable amount…

Thanks for sharing.

Hi Nik,

It includes everything except the legalization of documents. For us though, they seem the safest bet based on their history and track record. We have decided to go with them after speaking to their Portugal office lead and the investment form. We also cross-referenced the funds on the CVCM website.