Going Freelance / Consultant... US/PT NHR/Bulgaria/Estonia? So confused

Hello Everyone,

New to this board and been absorbing for hours. I’m rather overwhelmed about what next steps I should take. Here’s my background

*Dual US / PT Citizen presently based in Netherlands
*I have never lived in PT so I believe I would qualify under the NHR
*Remote Job offer from Berlin based company
*Want to setup tax residence for my freelance / sole proprietor in a low tax haven and travel/work freely. I imagine much time spent in US, UK, NL, DE

I am just getting started and researching the hell of this but finding so many contradictory and complicated responses. I think I am fortunate with the PT (EEA) passport in that visas are not my issue as I plan to stay in the EU.

Does it make sense just to keep my business in the US? Should I take advantage of the PT NHR? Any other tips or advice would be greatly appreciated!