Golden Visa Renewal process - help

I received my residence card 18 months ago. It is valid for 2 years. I will need to renew within 6 months. Has anyone done this themselves?
Does the sef application website change? Mine still shows the initial application. Do I need to make a new booking? Is it still an “ari” booking like the first time or does renewal become an option. At what stage does renewing becoming available? Should I expect an email from sef to start this process off?
I didn’t use a lawyer and any help advise insight would be appreciated.


Hi Andy,

Most important step is to get an appointment using website.

Once that’s done, you should get all required documents (Tax declaration, property deed, proof of 14 days spent in portugal, good conduct certificate attested by the Portuguese Embassy of your country and translated, and there are other documents)

The SEF will not contact you in any way, once you book the appointment, which depends on luck these days, you will receive an automated email from them.

I recommend going through a lawyer as it’s really difficult these days to renew…I’m surprised you made it this far without one.

It’s important to note that there will probably be no new appointments till Feb as the country is going into election in Jan

You can renew 2 months before your existing GV expires.

The renewal is on the same page of your GV residency dates, you can click the new appointment button

Anyways I hope the above helps.



Thanks so much for taking the time to reply.

At what stage will appointments for February open up? Should I start looking now?

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yes you should, nowadays SEF is still closed so maybe it’s better to hire a lawyer to help I think

SEF tends to post announcements on their facebook page just before they issue the next lot of appointments for the upcoming month or two.
If I remember correctly the February lot has not yet been issued.
Of course, you can also monitor the SEF portal for any occasional cancellations.