Renewing GV - 2nd card - Process

Hello all,
My first residency card has 7 months to go and I need to start the renewal process to get my second card. Has anyone done this recently? How does it all start? Will I get a letter from SEF to let me know that I can look for an appointment?
Any help/clarity on the is much appreciated as I am doing it alone.


I did it myself. And was wondering if someone had renewed themselves. And had experience in the process and timelines.
I find it best not to imagine how I think a government process should be runā€¦ although you are probably close to right.

Thankyou, that is very useful.

May I ask what path did you take for your GV process? Real estate or funds? If real estate which company did you work with to acquire the property? Thanks.

I bought some hotel rooms in the Algarve with Pestana. Good company, amazing service and they have been absolutely amazing with getting what ever documents I need and access to their lawyers to help.

Hi Andy,

Which hotel did you go with Pestana? Iā€™m also in contact in one of your agents and would appreciate if you have experience with their projects. Is it a hotel already in operation? Is there a buyback agreement?

Many thank!