Guide to Portugal's Non-Habitual Residency (NHR)

If you have been part of the Nomad Gate community for a while now, you’ve probably heard us talk plenty about the attractive Golden Visa program on offer in Portugal. However, did you know that Portugal can also offer you some significant tax breaks, and in some cases, it even means you are exempt from paying income tax on foreign income?

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Thanks for this concise and informative review of the NHR program. A question please regarding the 10% tax on (foreign) pensions: I understand that as an American citizen my company pension will remain taxable under U.S. law no matter where I reside. However, if under NHR I become a Portuguese tax resident I will also be subject to the 10% Portuguese tax. My question is this: As Portugal and the U.S. have a tax reciprocity treaty in effect, will the 10% tax paid to Portugal become a tax credit against my U.S. IRS taxes payable? Many thanks again, Charles

How would someone being paid a salary in crypto be taxed under NHR?