How to apply for Portugal Tourist Visa in Canada for indian citizens

We got our biometrics appointement and need to apply for tourist visa since we hold indian passport and live in Canada.

To apply for a Portugal tourist visa in Canada for Indian citizens, visit the official Embassy of Portugal website, download and fill out the visa application form, gather all the necessary documents, make an appointment with the embassy or consulate, attend the appointment, pay the visa fee, wait for processing, and receive a notification of the outcome of your visa application. Once approved, proceed to make travel arrangements.

I should have replied so others could use this info. It was super easy, went to portugese embassy, they gave me an appointement to come back after a week with the form, passport, photos and flight ticket details.

Went there, paid fees, they did biometrics again (even though we hvae done it many time for schengen visa) saying its just safe incase we donโ€™t have them in our system.

got a email after 2 days that visa was ready, went to pick up passport and visited portugal for biometrics of golden visa. Done in Faro, good week spend in faro/lisbon