How to apply for the NHR

Hello there! I just moved to Lisbon in June 2021 from EU, and obtained my “Certificado De Registo De Cidadao”, I have got a bank account, a mobile phone, the NIF, the web access to the Autoridade Tributária, and now I would like to apply to the Non-Habitual Residency scheme. There is anyone that can share his personal experience? I would like to apply by myself and avoid lawyers and perform it in the cheapest way possible.


Hi Mark, I have not reached the ‘NHR’ stage yet on my Portugal journey :slight_smile: but from experience so far I have found that the folks at my local AT office have been very helpful and addressed my tax queries promptly. As you are already in PT, you may opt to just pop in to your nearest AT office and ask for advice.

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Hi Mark,

I found this website Portugal NHR Status: Your Guide & Price Comparison | Movingto which compare and reviews all the law firms and companies that do the NHR for you. It’s super useful and completely free. You can just send an email to the company that works best for you and they will be in touch. Simple.

You can see prices and how long will take in a simple glimpse. I hope this helps.