How to file tax for 2021 if you had invested in Mutual Funds for 2021


Did anyone file their US taxes so far? How did you file your mutual fund investment in Portugal. What forms did you have to fill? I’m using turbotax, its not clear what I need to fill out.

my understanding is the forms you need are not available on TurboTax and therefore you need to get the correct forms from IRS website (dont know what they are) and print your TurboTax return and mail it in. I usually use TurboTax but am going to use an online company that specializes in expat taxes since they are familiar with the requirements.

This has been discussed extensively here:

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And for what it is worth, the forms are probably there, just as a manual select and fill-in. The trick being to know what to put on the forms.

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I’m not an accountant or CPA, this is not tax advice. Consult your own.

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