How to get a Portuguese NIF for Non-Residents

(Filipe) #62

The driver’s license is indeed accepted as proof of residence


(Filipe) #63

Why did you need to show proof of income? Did it have your address in there so you used it as proof of address?


(Charles Mercier) #64

I’m just going with what other information that has been given here. In my case, my W-2 statement because it has my address on it and passport (along with my representative) was all that was necessary for me to get a NIF.

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(Tina) #65

Query on paperwork.
I have obtained my fiscal number whilst travelling in Portugal and am resident in the UK.
The fiscal office has given me paperwork stamped with my holiday address in Portugal not my UK address. I have been told that I now have to pay tax in Portugal. Is this correct and if so how do I correct the paperwork to show my UK address? I would appreciate any advice.


(Akshay Sharma) #66

I’m from India and from past one year I was Singapore and working there.
To obtain NIF as a non PR or EU citizen what documents I will be required?
Also, I’m not working in Singapore anymore.
The only reason I have to look for NIF number is, that a company in Portugal is ready to hire me but they are asking for the NIF number and I need to provide it, only then they will be hiring me.


(Zach Swinehart) #67

I am an American living in Porto and set up a bank account with an address in the UK per the advice in this article, and was turned down for my NIF today. I was told that the address has to be on an official government document and that bank statements do not work. I’m not sure if it’s different from place to place, but can 100% confirm that if you’re a non-EEA national living in Cedofeita in Porto, you will definitely need a tax representative, at least as of March 2019.


(Thomas K. Running) #68

Hi Zach! Sorry that didn’t work out for you. I’ve updated the article with your data point. Hopefully you’ll have time to find a tax representative. As mentioned in the article, the most straight forward way of doing so is to hire a lawyer, but that’s also the most expensive way. I’ve heard people having success asking at their hotel or hostel, often being referred to friends of the staff who might be willing to escort your and be your rep for a small fee.


(Charles Mercier) #69

I went into ActivoBank and they got me in touch with a representative who helped me get my NIF for a small fee - but I also opened a bank account with them using my American address. Maybe the bank that you want to open the account with will do the same.


(Matt D) #70

Hi Nomad Gate community,

I’m living in Portugal as a European citizen and I’m trying to help my girlfriend from Russia to change her NIF address to Portugal. She lives with me but I don’t have a rental contract. Do you know what documentation we need to Financas to update her address to Portugal?

Thanks in advance.

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(SAMI) #71

Hi Nomads,
Do you think there is a way to do the whole process for the Golden Visa without a lawyer assistance?
At what stage there is an obligation to have one?
And, what is the average fees? I am seeing all sorts of fees without any logic!!!


(David) #72


I managed to get a NIF and opened my account with Activo bank as suggested by @tkrunning. I am a resident in Denmark. I have some questions about the NIF and Activo bank:

  1. Is there a way to access my NIF account online? I might need to update my address if I move to another country.

  2. If the address in my NIF record is updated, will my details with Activo bank be updated automatically? Or I have to inform Activo bank myself?

Thanks in advanced.


(Lloyd Wols) #73

Hi Charles,
I am Lloyd Wols, heading to Portugal next week to Lissabon. I am living in Suriname South America and wish to open a bankaccount at Activo Bank. As you explained that Activo Bank offered you a representative for a small fee I am interested to go to that same branch, having that same representative to join me to the Financas Office to apply for the NIF. Thank you for ptoviding me with as much information as possible!


(Charles Mercier) #74

Don’t forget, you need ID, proof of address and proof of income.

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(Louis) #75

I wish to open an account at Activobank since I visit Portugal often. As a Canadian citizen living in Spain, would I require a representative? I am not a permanent resident of Spain but I do have the Spanish ID card (TIE) and official address proof from the government (Empadronamiento).

Based on what I have read so far in this thread I’m thinking it’s not possible since I’m not an EU/EEA Citizen nor am I a permanent resident of an EU/EEA country.

In the case that I do require a representative, can someone recommend a person that I can help me?


(Dan Bert) #76


Is there a way to access my NIF account online?

Finanças issues NIFs. Their English instructions on how to open an account on their site:
The password will be mailed to the address associated with your NIF.

I read this on a blog. Haven’t tried it. Author claimed it goes to the page to change address. Log on to your Finanças account. Then go to:

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(David) #77

@dancebert Thank you so much! Exactly what I am looking for :+1:
I hope this info will be beneficial to others too.


(Dan Bert) #78

You’re welcome. It would be helpful if you posted whether the second link in my post took you to the correct page.

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(Thomas K. Running) #79

I tried it, and it does take you to the right page :+1:


(David) #80

Yes, all your links are working as of this post.


(Peter L) #83

We live just across the river in Spain and want to open a bank account on the other side in Portugal for each of us. For me as EU citizen getting a NIF sounds easy (so no need of tax representative), but I wonder if my Russian wife would need a tax representative. She has teh EU spouse residency card of Spain. Anyone know the answer (or a work around)?