How to get a Portuguese NIF for Non-Residents


(Zach Swinehart) #67

I am an American living in Porto and set up a bank account with an address in the UK per the advice in this article, and was turned down for my NIF today. I was told that the address has to be on an official government document and that bank statements do not work. I’m not sure if it’s different from place to place, but can 100% confirm that if you’re a non-EEA national living in Cedofeita in Porto, you will definitely need a tax representative, at least as of March 2019.

(Thomas K. Running) #68

Hi Zach! Sorry that didn’t work out for you. I’ve updated the article with your data point. Hopefully you’ll have time to find a tax representative. As mentioned in the article, the most straight forward way of doing so is to hire a lawyer, but that’s also the most expensive way. I’ve heard people having success asking at their hotel or hostel, often being referred to friends of the staff who might be willing to escort your and be your rep for a small fee.

(Charles Mercier) #69

I went into ActivoBank and they got me in touch with a representative who helped me get my NIF for a small fee - but I also opened a bank account with them using my American address. Maybe the bank that you want to open the account with will do the same.

(Matt D) #70

Hi Nomad Gate community,

I’m living in Portugal as a European citizen and I’m trying to help my girlfriend from Russia to change her NIF address to Portugal. She lives with me but I don’t have a rental contract. Do you know what documentation we need to Financas to update her address to Portugal?

Thanks in advance.