How to get a Portuguese NIF for Non-Residents

Hi Bob. I don’t know what purpose you received your NIF but keep your NIF and don’t pay any fees. I just obtained my NIF in Portugal because I am in the process of buying a property there for investment. I am a Japanese citizen with US residency. I am not part of EU. My real estate agency told me that I don’t need to pay fiscal representative to represent me just because i don’t plan to live there anytime soon. I will need to pay property taxes every year but I can do it online. There is absolutely no need to pay fees just because you received NIF. I was approached by tax accountant office that I have to pay 500 euros a year to them just so that they can receive mails from tax authority office and notify me any tax dues which is totally bogus.

This is true. I brought my Japanese passport, California drivers license, US residency card and proof of income. I was able to open a bank account at Santander. Before I went to the bank I went to tax authority office and obtained NIF first. I was asked to deposit 150 euros which is minimum balance to keep the account open.

Hi Bob,

Good to know this. Thanks!

Lots of useful information. Thanks to all.

Still have a question and I hope someone has experience with a similar situation.

My Chinese wife needs to get a NIF for Non-Residents.

The Proof of Address is a challenge as all information in China is in … Chinese characters.
And we will need to have the Proof of Address to be translated to Portuguese (as we’re told by several lawyers)

Does anyone have experience using a name and address in NON-alphabetical characters (Chinese/Japanese/etc) on a bank statement/utility bill/id card?

1. Did you have the Non-alphabetical address translated to English or directly to Portuguese?
2. Did you have this translation certified/notarized?
3. If you had this translation certified/notarized, where did you do that?

a. In your home country at a Portuguese Embassy/ consulate
b. Portuguese lawyer, Portuguese Notary
c. Other…

4. And did you face any issues when applying for the NIF?
If so, what kind?

Thanks so much for any help.

As a retired Uk resident, am proposing to sell my UK home, and then move to Algarve without a UK or Portuguese address (temporarily staying in a hotel while looking for a permanent residence). Can I get an NIC and open a bank account in this situation?

How? I registered and can’t find my number

  1. Thai motorcycle license translated to English
  2. Notarized
  3. At Thai law firm that did the translation
  4. None, undoubtedly helped by my financial representative knowing what she was doing, and that Portuguese was her first language.