How to get a Portuguese NIF for Non-Residents

(Miyako Ueki) #89

Hi Bob. I don’t know what purpose you received your NIF but keep your NIF and don’t pay any fees. I just obtained my NIF in Portugal because I am in the process of buying a property there for investment. I am a Japanese citizen with US residency. I am not part of EU. My real estate agency told me that I don’t need to pay fiscal representative to represent me just because i don’t plan to live there anytime soon. I will need to pay property taxes every year but I can do it online. There is absolutely no need to pay fees just because you received NIF. I was approached by tax accountant office that I have to pay 500 euros a year to them just so that they can receive mails from tax authority office and notify me any tax dues which is totally bogus.


(Miyako Ueki) #90

This is true. I brought my Japanese passport, California drivers license, US residency card and proof of income. I was able to open a bank account at Santander. Before I went to the bank I went to tax authority office and obtained NIF first. I was asked to deposit 150 euros which is minimum balance to keep the account open.


(David) #91

Hi Bob,

Good to know this. Thanks!