How to get a Portuguese NIF for Non-Residents

Got it. Appreciate your time and reply. :pray:

So is there any way to do this with power of attorney and a Portuguese lawyer? USian currently in the US and travel is… well… it’s not going to happen for a while.

I’d like to get started even so. Does anyone have any information or ideas how it might happen?

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My name is Ben and I lived in Portugal between 2002 and 2006. In those years I got my NIF.
I am aware that this number is for life and that I do not need to apply for it again, however how do I retrieve the number? Is it possible to do online or do I physically need to be in an office in Portugal?

It would be handy if i could just retrieve it somehow, before I return to Portugal in the future.
I have Googled it and read many articles, but they all seem to inform about applying, non about retrieving it.

Hopefully someone has an answer,

Thanks in advance! :grinning:

Hi there!
The regulations have changed from May 2020 something. That much, that you have to re-write the whole article. In March 2020 that was all true, in August 2020 they asked for a bunch of papers including tax representation appointed (I am an EU citizen).

@nadineg2003 and did you also register with an EU address?

Technically the law has always said that anyone living outside Portugal needs a tax representative, however due to EU rules Portugal hasn’t been able to require this for anyone living in the EU/EEA.