How to register as an economically self-sufficient resident in Malta


I’m looking for answers. I have to open a bank account in US and they ask me for an SSN.
I’m self-sufficient resident in malta, and in the SSN form they ask me for an employer licence, etc… But I don’t have employer. Do you guys have any solution?

Thank you

Hey quick question - I’m going to transfer the 15k euro required just before I print out statments.
Is there some kind of specific period that money has to be in my account before I can show statements?

No, that should be fine. It’s only if you are demonstrating the minimum monthly income that you need to show a history. For the 15K a snapshot in time should be OK.

Perfect! Also, it says I need to wait two months to be eligible but with the whole brexit situation worsening, I thought it’d be wise to do it now. I have my property contract for 6 months with me. Would that overturn the two month rule? As I’ve already committed to 6 months.

Yes, I believe so. At least that was the case when I registered—as long as you already have a contract for 3-6 months or longer it should be fine.

You are awesome!! Thank you so much!

I’m planning to apply for the Ordinary Resident scheme as an economically self-sufficient applicant.
My question is the following:
As an EU National with a non-EU/EEA wife, is it enough to demonstrate a combined balance of €23,000 for our application?
Thank you all in advance

Hello Thomas, thanks for the welcome and greetings to everyone in this community.
I am planning to fly to Malta in November to register for “ordinary residency”, which I think is also categorised as “ Economically self-sufficient resident in Malta“.
I have all that is required except a contracted residence, though you mentioned this is not absolutely necessary. I do however have access to an address of a friend - would this suffice?
I then intend to return to the UK for a few months with a view to returning on a more permanent basis.
Would this be within the confines of the application procedure.
If not, will anyone notice anyway.
Thanks in advance for your reply.

Hi Rod, I’m not a 100% sure about what they would require. If your friend is willing to write a statement saying that you are living with them rent free (perhaps with a copy of their rental contract if they are themselves renting) that might work (but that’s just my guess—you should ideally ask at Identity Malta). However, it may be that the Identity Malta would deem that it’s not sufficient proof that you will actually stay for at least 3 months (since you don’t provide a contract of at least 3 or ideally 6 months duration).

It could be that they tell you to come back in 3 months with bank statements showing consistent patterns of spending in Malta over that time period to demonstrate that you’ve actually spent the required time in the country.

If I were you, I’d show up at the Identity Malta offices when they open in the morning (shorter line) on your first day in the country and ask specifically what documentation they would accept from your friend.

Thanks for your reply! :+1:
As I wish to avoid jeopardising my application by not living in Malta for the required 3 month period. As far as can gather the deadline to apply for an ordinary residency post Brexit is
31 December 2020, would you know if this is the case?
If so, I can move to Malta next spring and start the process then.
Also I understand Britain has an arrangement independent of the eu, whereby there is a reciprocal agreement on health care, as in Britain there is 30,000 Maltese resident and in Malta 18,000 British residents. In this case does that void the need for healthcare insurance?
r :lizard:

Hi, great article and thanks for sharing all this info with us.

I have a question though. I have already applied for the Self-sufficient residency. They told me it would take 4 up to 6 weeks to be notified.

6 weeks have just gone now and I didn’t get any notifications. Point being, next week I will be leaving for 5-6 months heading to Asia.

What would you suggest me to do? Wait until I get notified before leaving? I just want to avoid having to come back just to pick up a card.

As far as you know, is there a way to send my flat mate to pick it up on my behalf, as soon as the notification arrives?

Thanks a million in advance for your help.

Hi @Alessandro_Crotti!

That Identity Malta doesn’t stick to the timelines they promise is nothing new, unfortunately. In my experience it’s completely possible that it’ll take several months longer than they said, so I wouldn’t stick around to wait for it.

Your roommate (or anyone else) can’t pick it up for you either, so just pick it up the next time you happen to be in Malta—just ask your roommate to hang on to the notification letter they send (you’ll need that for the pickup).

First of all, thank you so much for the swift reply.

So it’s no issue to hang on the letter and go collect the card like 5 or 6 months after having been notified?

No that should be fine. I only picked mine up about 4 months after I received the letter :slight_smile:

Oh great, that’s all I needed. Thanks again for your help Thomas, this is really appreciated.
In Malta or in Vietnam, I owe you a couple of beers :smiley:

Hi, thank you very much for this great article.
There is a point I don’t understand.
Can I register as self-sufficient in Malta with a freelance activity (and a foreign company)?
Is it not considered as working in Malta, even if my customers are abroad?
Thanks again.

Hi. I am looking at your guide but the link to the application form do not work.

Do we have an updated link?

Many thanks in advance

This link seems to be working:

I will update the article—thanks for letting me know :slight_smile:

Thanks a lot. The link to the IRD mailing application form does also not work.

Can you help here as well?

I’ve uploaded the form here: