How to submit annual report for a dormant Estonian company, DIY?

How do you prepared and submit an annual report for a dormant/inactive Estonian company, by yourself, without using a service provider?

The Estonian government provides submission instructions via PDF, but these instructions are overly complicated, hard to follow, and do not clearly explain the specific steps required for a dormant/inactive company. The annual report is then submitted here:

It would be great if someone could clearly explain this or write an article that gives e-residents/digital nomads step-by-step instructions on how to prepare and submit a “zero” annual report themselves. The service providers will never write this article because they want to keep charging you for this service.

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While I don’t think I’ll take the time to actually write a detailed step-by-step, it’s pretty straight forward. I’ve submitted annual reports twice for a nearly dormant OÜ, and it went pretty smoothly.

If you post specific questions that pop up during the process I’ll be more than happy to give you my take on those :slight_smile:

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Thanks @tkrunning! Appreciate the quick response.

How long did it take you to prepare the doc(s) and complete the submission process from start to finish, roughly?

Also, apologies - I did not mean to imply that you should personally write a step-by-step. Was more so suggesting that someone should - since no articles exist about the topic and the only information that seems to exist for DIY’s is a 40 pg PDF from the Estonian government. Just found myself wishing that there was a quick, short-cut wikihow with screenshots somewhere, hah :grinning:

I can’t remember how much time it took, but I think less than an hour (including the time to figure everything out). I can’t remember preparing any documents, I just had the annual report from my accounting tool open and inputted the required data from there. If your company is actually dormant it should be even easier.

Why don’t you just get started and report back here if you have any specific questions?

Here’s a very general step-by-step to get going:

  • Log in here
  • Once logged in to the e-Business Register, select Annual Reports from the top menu
  • Click the Add new report button
  • Select your company from the dropdown, and select
    • accounting period: if the first year, from when the company was registered until Dec 31, if not from Jan 1-Dec 31
    • accounting standard: Estonian GAAP
    • category of reporting forms: Mikroettevõtja—since you have revenues below €50K and a few other requirements (see micro undertaking here)
    • Is consolidated: No
    • Accuracy class: In Euros
    • Differentiations: No differentiations
    • Compile annual report also in English: Yes (because why not)
  • Click Filling in reporting forms
  • Complete all the forms under Main Reports and Notes
  • Back in the main view, update the various other sections if needed (communication, shareholders, breakdown of sales revenue)
    • For the breakdown of sales revenue, if your company is completely dormant, select No economic activity was performed
  • Go to the next step.
  • Review title page (make sure the Estonian one is actually in Estonian-toggle between Estonian and English in the top right)
  • Generate the final reports and double check that the Estonian is in Estonian and the English in English.
  • Check the box in number 3 if you allow the Statistics Agency to use data from your annual report to pre-fill their statistical reports
  • Send to signing, etc

I don’t remember exactly the steps after you send to signing, as I can’t get there unless I re-submit a new version of my own annual report for signing, which I’d rather not do. But it should be pretty straight forward from there.


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