Submitting dormant Estonian company’s annual report

Hello everyone!!

I registered a company in Estonia last year, I’m still developing the product and service so it isn’t open to the public and I have zero trading or revenue.

It’s time to submit the company’s annual report and I’m following this tutorial: How to submit dormant accounts in Estonia? | Unicount Support

So far everything alright but I bumped into an issue on step 14, the tutorial says I don’t need to enter any data and just click “Save”. However, when I click “Save” without entering any data I receive this warning in the orange box:

Can anyone give me a piece of advice on what to do here? My assumption is that “Total labor expense” is zero and that “Average number of employees…” is one (myself?). Is this correct?

Thanks for your time!


Hopefully, someone here is able to help you but since it is a very specific question, others might not have any experience with it. In the meantime, I would suggest you to email the Estonian Business Register directly and ask them. I’m pretty sure you’ll have the answer in 1-2 days (everything in Estonia runs quickly). And if you don’t mind, please share the answer in the forum as well—it might be helpful for someone else in the future :slight_smile:

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Hello Hanna. Here’s an update on the situation…

I contacted Estonian Business Register directly and their reply was that they cannot offer tax advice but informed me that the note “Labor expense” is a mandatory note.

So, I contacted Unicount, they updated the article and suggested that it would be okay to add zeros to the labor expense as board members without salary do not count as labor.

I filled it all but now I have another issue, on the last step of the guide they still miss a from, when I press “Submit the report to the register…” I receive the message:

Before submitting the report it is mandatory to choose and fill in the the proposal for the distribution of profit or covering of loss.

I need to choose between two forms, one designated as “Profit distribution proposal” and the other as “Proposal for covering loss”. I don’t know what to do here since I don’t have profit for distribution and I don’t have a loss to cover — it’s a dormant company.

I will try to find the answer to this and if I can’t shamefully I will have to pay €200 for a report submission that literally takes 5 minutes to fill.



Thank you for the update (and hopefully it’s solved already by now).

I also got in touch with the e-Business Register. According to them there is no shortcut for dormant companies—you still need to fill out the required forms. For the profit distribution proposal, there are two options you can select (one if there was profit and another one without any profit). So, I would select the profit distribution proposal and there should be an option in the form that says that the company didn’t have any profit.