Cheapest company but not in UK?

(Blonde) #1


Do you know where can I register a cheapest company outside UK? Just use it as dormant company?


(Thomas K. Running) #2

Well, what are you doing with a completely dormant company?

In any case, what needs do you have for the company?

I assume it should be its own separate legal person, but other than that what type of company are you looking for? LLC, IBC, Ltd, corporation or what?

Your own residency and language proficiency comes into play as well. If you go the DIY route there are lots of affordable options. Even the US can be really cheap, only costing a few hundred dollars for a LLC or C Corp. And if the language is no barrier, several European countries charge less than 100 EUR for company registration, but that’s assuming you go the DIY route of course.

(Blonde) #3

may I have a list of these several?
is there one off fee or annual renewal fees apply’s?

could you tell me cheapest one in 0 capital gain tax countries?

is there possibility to register company in 0 tax countries without paying for local agent fee?

If I pay for nominee service, how can I be sure the nominee director doesn’t stole my money from my bank account?


(André Daus ) #4

What do you really want? There are countries with 0 tax on gained capital. But there is no country where you can have a dormant company for free. You will at least need an address for registration and even if that is an postbox it will cost money. There is nothing like free lunch, however, there is something like cheap lunch dependong on your needs. So what are your needs?

(Blonde) #5

Hi, may please tell me the cheapest options? Also list of cheapest 0 tax on capital gain countries list?

(Blonde) #6

Cheap lunch, 0% capital gain tax or both or what’s the cheapest country with pobox that I can register and maintain a dorment company and do all tax authority 0% tax return online or by clear instructions for it that I can do it myself without need for accountant? (Accountant is a person that while I’m a private person, I don’t like to tell any accountant about my dorment company, yo keep my company secure and secret?