How to work for a US company as a Canadian remote worker?


Remote work question: I am a digital marketing strategist with almost 8 years of experience. I just moved to Canada on PR.

Can I work for US company remotely? If yes, then how should I go about it?

I would appreciate any help.


Yes, that’s perfectly possible. The easiest way to do it would be for the US company to hire you as a contractor. You do your work remotely in Canada and invoice the US company for delivered services. The US company sends you a cheque or wires the money to your account.

This way you don’t have to deal with work permits and taxes on the US side, and the US company doesn’t have to deal with Canadian taxes, social security etc.

The only caveat is that while you can visit the US company for business meetings etc., you can’t legally do any actual work for them while in the US as you would need a work permit for that.

I’m a PR in Canada myself and work remotely for a US company this way.

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Hi Subhan,
I agree with what nvk said but I will add a few things from thirty+ years of crossing back and forth across that border.

  1. It works best as an employee. That means - create a Canadian company and hire yourself.
  2. Have your client send an invitation letter (or printed out e-mail) saying you are required in person for a meeting to discuss the work you will be performing in Canada.

Neither of these is a requirement but border guards are poorly trained and educated and tend to assume that everyone is illegally entering and stealing jobs from Americans.

I once had entry refused because the border idiot did not believe that I was crossing the border to discuss the sale of a French product sold to a German company by a Canadian company.

Another time I was detained for seven hours since the border twit refused to accept the truth that I was meeting an American general in the border Dennys. That got me a neatostamp in my passport and a flag in the file that makes the US border the easiest for me to cross. Does not do a damn thing at the French border.


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