Imga Ações Portugal R price not updating

When I check the price of a share of the IMGA fund lots of us are in, it looks like it hasn’t updated since the 25th of august. 0P0001M3U0 Fund | Imga Ações Portugal R - Fundo De Investimento Aberto De Ações -

Anyone know what’s up? I am not even sure what exchange it’s traded on, but I googled and didn’t see any immediate holiday notices.

Looks fine on Bloomberg - last price reported was 6.74 on Thursday night

Can you link the page for it? I don’t see it with google

I was looking on the Bloomberg Terminal, which I can’t link to (it’s a private network app). Here’s a screenshot. So it’s trading as normal. But prices on Morningstar stop on 25th August, and I think FT and take the same feed. You might want to report it to Morningstar, in case it’s a glitch they can readily fix. Morningstar prices for BPI Portugal (which I’m in) are up to date.


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You can also get the numbers on their website directly : IM Gestão de Ativos

Like Chris has mentioned Bloomberg or alternatives like Refenitiv does provide real-time feeds which needs some kinda subscriptions, unless you are into finance/trading you don’t have an access. I would never rely on third party free tools like Investing/Morningstar et al.,

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What a flex, casually dropping your bloomberg terminal

Interesting, yeah I am not exactly day trading this I just figured I’d ask the hive mind here to see what y’all had to say. I’m still curious why the price isn’t updating on the other sites, but it’s good to know I can just check IMGA’s site

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Hmm, am I confused or missing something?

Their site gives a price around 18 euro, which would be amazing but I’m skeptical lmao

You are reading the chart wrong, the chart shows you the accumulated return for an investment of 10,000 € in the respective fund during the selected period (You can play around the dates on their website). Portuguese Securities Market Commission (CMVM) does things bit differently though…

I don’t think that’s it, but I am likely confusing 18.000 (US style, ie 18) with 18.000 euro style, ie 18 thousand

I’m looking at the

Last UP value (€)



IMGA Portugal has three different share classes: A, R and I. These have different terms (e.g. minimum investment size), and were launched at different times and thus can have different prices. Class A was launched in 1995, class R in 2021. So the website is quoting a price of about EUR 18 for Class A, while and others are showing prices of EUR 7ish for Class R.

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Understood re share class -but to @garrett s comment, I don’t see how to get the share price for class R. Noodling around only seems to show class A price.

I found this site:

IMGA Portugal Class A: IMGA Ações Portugal A Fundo/ETF. Avaliação por PROTESTE INVESTE
Price €18.06 for 8th Sept

IMGA Portugal Class R: IMGA Ações Portugal R Fundo/ETF. Avaliação por PROTESTE INVESTE
Price €6.813 for 8th Sept

BPI Portugal: BPI Portugal Fundo/ETF. Avaliação por PROTESTE INVESTE
Price €19.94 for 7th Sept