Income Taxes in Portugal after 10 years of residency!

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I’m an American,
Can anyone give me details on the NRH income tax in Portugal after the 10 year residency term expires? I just heard that you will pay extremely high taxes after that. Something like 37% for a retirement income of only 25-40,000 a year! I am planning to retire and buy a home in Portugal but this information scares the hell out of me! Why is no one on youtube or any media platforms who are expounding the benefits of retiring in Portugal not talking about this.

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You need to consult a tax specialist.


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As an Immigration Lawyer, would be my pleasure to guide you on this subject and provide the best tax option for you retirement in Portugal.
NHR is limited to 10 years and the next tax fees (whiteout the NHR benefit) will depend on many aspects as your expenses in Portugal (such as property, for ex) and where do you income came from.

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Like the US it’s a sliding scale so you wouldn’t be paying 37% on all your income.

The latest PT tax brackets I have seen are:

Taxable Income Tax Bracket Deductable
Min Max
€ - € 7,112 14.5%
€ 7,113.00 € 10,732 23.0% € 604.54
€ 10,733.00 € 20,322 28.5% € 1,194.80
€ 20,323.00 € 25,075 35.0% € 2,515.83
€ 25,076.00 € 36,967 37.0% € 3,017.27
€ 36,968.00 € 80,882 45.0% € 5,974.54
€ 80,883.00 € 1,000,000 48.0% € 8,401.21

Definitely worth talking to an account for more detailed advice.