NHR and working for a US company

Forgive me if this has been asked. I searched but did not find an answer.

I work full-time for a US company that allows me to work from any Schengen area country. I am thinking Portugal. I have spoken to 3 tax professionals and got conflicting answers. One appeared to know less than I do.

Based on what I read these are my own assumptions. As a Portuguese resident who is a Project Manager for a US firm, I can register for the NHR and pay 20% flat rate tax on my earnings. This would be 20% of my earnings during the periods I am in Portugal. I will be required to work five months in whichever country I am assigned each year. So I think that portion would be considered non-Portuguese sourced? Besides the taxes, would I be responsible for social security etc. in Portugal? Would I be able to take tax deductions on my Portugal taxes for expenses incurred in Portugal such as internet, etc.
I would also appreciate referral to a knowledgeable tax professional.

Thank you😊

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You’ll have to pay 20% income tax and another 21.3% on 70% social security tax.

I have a D7 visa and I’m going to dismiss my move as this becomes 31.3% which is 21.3% more than what I pay in my home country…

My understanding is that if you are on a D7 and working for a US company but a PT resident under NHR you would not be liable for PT taxes at all. You would still be liable for US Federal taxes however.