Investment Fund and Portuguese GV

We’re looking at the investment fund option for a Portuguese golden visa. I understand the financial risk of a fund, but does anyone know the visa or citizenship impact if the the fund goes under in the 5 year resident visa period? Are you back to square one? Thanks!


Hi Matt D, I am the ultimate lurker on these forums but my understanding is that once you have stumped up the cash, you have complied. The performance (or total lack of performance) of the product does not really come into it. The fund must be GVP compliant of course.

I looked into funds instead of real estate but decided in the end that real estate was a safe bet, that your money is not tied up as long and that (surprisingly) the returns are better.

It is a question for the immigration advisers though.

I have been using a company called Pearls of Portugal to do a lot of the buyers agent work for me. Although I am buying real estate but they also have connections to fund managers.

I have the whole thing overseen by Henley Partners and their army of lawyers and accountants. It creates a double check of things which I find reassuring if a bit expensive.



Thanks! Of course I have been and will be consulting an attorney, but any bit of information helps in decision making. Still waiting on my NIF, but hoping to get a plan in place for timing on either purchasing a property or fund. We’ll likely buy real estate too, but need to visit to make that decision and that’s unfortunately not happening soon. My wife has been in contact with a broker she found looking for properties on and she’s recommended some places that are right up our alley.