Investment suggestions

Hi everyone,

I don’t really know where to open this topic so I decided that the closest category is Business. Please @tkrunning feel free to (re)move.

I would like to ask the community about investments. I’m at that stage of my carrier, where I’m making good money (at least for my standards: 10-20k / month ) and I’d like to do something and not let it rotten in the banks.

Is there anyone with success story here that would like to share with me?
It has to be a sort of investment that does not require much effort because I still need to do my job to keep earning well. At the same time I don’t want the 3/4 % fro the banks, whatever above 10% works fine.

Anyone wants to share their successful strategy? I’ve been reading a lot online but haven’t found anything that convinces me, and in the meantime time flies and my savings are doing nothing for me.
I’d like to hear from you, if you don’t want to be specific, it’s fine, just give me tips. I’m trying to learn how to better manage my money.
Thank you in advance

How about low-fee index funds like VOO? If you aren’t a hyper-aware, active trader chasing stock tips and SEC filings all day, it’s a pretty good diversified lights out investment.

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Take a look into coin metro . They are a pretty new but stable company . They have alot of selection to choose from . They are paying I high rate of return on their coin XCM .
Just an option

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Investing is hard. I hate to say, but hoping for a reliable 10% in a major currency with no effort… most professionals would tell you that’s basically unrealistic, I think.

There are any number of online brokerages that do various forms of robo-investing in low cost index funds. Or Personal Capital, that kind of thing. That’s probably as easy as it gets, assuming you are willing to take generic market risk. Of course this presumes you have financial access to a major market economy.

If that’s not what you want… errr…

I am in the process of beginning to work with a wealth manager that focuses on alternative investments, in an attempt to avoid being tied to market beta and instead focusing on absolute returns. It’s hard, it’s time consuming, carries its own risk, and I’m expecting to pay 2% for the privilege… and the general expectation is 7%.

If you can find something paying > 10% reliably, I and a bazillion other people would love to know about it.

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Thank you very much for your very valuable reply.
Maybe using the term “investment” is automatically associated to stocks, markets and that kind of stuff I’m not very familiar with. If that’s the only option I’d hire someone do that for me. But my “investment”was meant to include all types of investment: buy land, buy property, hire people to try growth in the company I run. If the traditional investment isn’t worth the risk, then what else would you try? What do people who earn good money do with it?

Thanks for your help

In general the best way to make more money is probably to start and run businesses. Everything else is a first or second order derivative.

Everything else, the question is so broad I personally have no idea how to answer it. There are plenty of ways to invest, and sometimes they work for some people but there’s so many conditionals that, well. Maybe others than myself are able to provide focused opinions. But no doubt all other options involve more work.