What are your favorite investment companies?

Hey everyone, I am interested to know your favorite investment companies.

I use h-l.co.uk. Not sure if that is what you mean though.

@liabreu do you mean favorite brokers?

If so, InteractiveBrokers is OK and cheap, especially if you trade frequently or have more than $100,000 to deposit. Decent international coverage.

If you’re US based, Vanguard have a lot of good index funds you can invest in directly.

If you’re EU based, Degiro is cheap and have a reasonably good selection of things to invest in.


Hi Thomas, does Degiro discriminate against U.S. Citizens like many European banks have done? For example, Americans don’t have access to open any Investment or Savings account with N26; they literally do not want to deal with having to pay us dividends/interests and generate a tax event.

Thanks as always!

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yes thats true. Ever in Europe the Degiro have a list of Countrys that are accepted. i can send you the list, but no ideia how this will work here…

ohhhh a see, it works, here the list from accepted Country with respectiv IBAN´s by DeGiro.

That´s my favorite Brocker, but currently I do not have any account in any of these countries with my second nationality, but I’ll be able to have it soon in France ! If you need a EU account try here ;;;;

Degiro.pt or ever in other languages…

I would consider having a view on assets allocation for your portfolio.

1/3 in security assets
1/3 in cash flow assets
1/3 in “risky but Maybe life changing” assets

Some funds are good like dimensional funds or vanguard.
Infinite banking for us people is great.
And life changing assets like crypto and private equity should be considered.

Ig.com is also very good

Degiro does not have forex so that you could not hedge/get profit by fx.