(Liane Abreu) #1

Hey everyone, I am interested to know your favorite investment companies.

(Lewis Smith) #2

I use Not sure if that is what you mean though.

(Thomas K. Running) #3

@liabreu do you mean favorite brokers?

If so, InteractiveBrokers is OK and cheap, especially if you trade frequently or have more than $100,000 to deposit. Decent international coverage.

If you’re US based, Vanguard have a lot of good index funds you can invest in directly.

If you’re EU based, Degiro is cheap and have a reasonably good selection of things to invest in.

(James Wong) #4

Hi Thomas, does Degiro discriminate against U.S. Citizens like many European banks have done? For example, Americans don’t have access to open any Investment or Savings account with N26; they literally do not want to deal with having to pay us dividends/interests and generate a tax event.

Thanks as always!