Is GV for children necessary?

If the parents apply for GV and eventually obtain citizenship, children are automatically allowed to live in any EU country with them. So what is the benefit of going through the GV process for children? Cost is not the issue, my concern would be passing the language test.


@kag that would be if you want your child to live with you NOW. Some people will want to obtain citizenship on their own without bringing their children to live with them. As you said, after the main application receive citizenship, they can apply for the child’s citizenship as well.

Everyone’s situation is different.

Also, language test is easy.

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Thank you! I’m still not clear on this though, if you want to live in Portugal now with your children, wouldn’t the D7 route make more sense?

@kag depends on your finances on goal.

As you said, cost is not an issue and your concern is at the language test, which wouldn’t happen until the end of year 5, hopefully your children would have picked up some Portugese by then!

These tests are not designed to prevent people from obtaining citizenship, but rather, they want to make sure people have an idea of the language. It is nothing difficult.

As for if you want to go for d7 now over the gv, it really depends if you want to stay there long term. If you will be renting then go for the d7, but if you really plan on settling down in Portugal and will eventually buy a house, well, go for the GV now.

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I’ve wondered this myself. In fact, I sort of assumed that when the parents apply for citizenship via naturalization, that dependent children under 18 can also receive citizenship at the same time. This wikipedia article appears to confirm that:

Children aged under 18 may acquire Portuguese citizenship by declaration when a parent is naturalised, and future children of such Portuguese nationals will be considered Portuguese citizens by birth.

I think then the benefit of the GV for children is that it allows them to live in Portugal prior to you acquiring citizenship. So if you have no plans to live in Portugal before acquiring citizenship, it doesn’t seem necessary and would save you significant amount of GV application/renewal fees.


I have more information now after speaking with my attorney. I chose her specifically because she specializes in citizenships. PM if you’d like her contact information.

What I previously said about children being able to be included with a parents citizenship application was incorrect.

With that said, once one parent has citizenship, you can apply for citizenship for your children and spouse. For children, assuming they’re under 18, there is no language or education requirement. For your spouse, as of October 2020, if you’ve been married for 6 or more years, there is no required connection to Portugal or language requirement.

The only real advantage of the child/spouse getting the golden visa is that they can get their citizenship sooner. It’s up to you to determine what the real benefit of that is. Before they are citizens, if you are a citizen, they have the right to live in the country with you though you will have to get an appropriate visa (D6 I believe) and residence permit (which is much lower cost than the GV family reunification). Before you are a citizen, if you want to all live in country, they’d have to apply for another type of visa, such as a D7 or do the GV family reunification.

Personally, after consideration, I’ve decided to only do the GV for me and NOT include my child or spouse. If we decide to live there before I receive my citizenship, they will get a D7. Once I receive my citizenship, we will immediately apply for their citizenship. This will save us approximately 20K EUR in government fees and also means that only I will have to travel to Portugal for fingerprints (as well as subsequent minimum stay requirements).


This makes sense.
I did include my spouse because she is fluent in Spanish. It should be much easier for her to pass A2 language test because of this. For some reason, if they make test more difficult or I fail test, there is a fallback option that she can get citizenship and she could then get my citizenship with reunification.