GV for Elderly Parents Necessary? - Seeking PT Citizenship for ALL family

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Is the GV for parents necessary or is there another mechanism once the parents of the GV holder converts to citizenship?

If the Parents are over 65 and do indeed want to be included on the GV application, what documentation requirements must they provide to show dependency?

You can use family reunification, but that just gets them a residence permit, and then they have to run their own clock of 6 years in-country to get a passport.

Do you really care about having citizenship for the parents? Residence gets you pretty much everything other than having to do renewals and there’s less fussing around. While one can be concerned about whether or not it will be possible later, it is pretty unlikely that a dependent parent would ever be denied by a family-friendly parent-respecting culture like Portugal.

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Thanks, good point.

Goal is to seek outright PT citizenship for parents via the offshore GV residency.

In any event, onshore, there are a variety of options

I’ve got my mother in law on ours, but wife’s step-father (her husband of many years) doesn’t qualify. Just so you know

Thanks. For the Mother-in-law, what documentation did you need to show?

I am trying to get all of our papers readied, etc.


Quite an interesting paper trail…
I had to provide a my birth and marriage certificate, she (wife) had to provide her birth cert. So my docs showed her name, her docs showed her mums (and dads but not step-dads).
Son was easy as he has mine and her names on his birth certificate. No proof needed for mother-in-law though all adults needed criminal checks
All issued recently and Apostilled appropriately by the issuing/apostille authority. Made difficult by a Singapore marriage, a Texan and two UK births

Humbly appreciate your response, and sorry to ask you so many questions… :grimacing:

  1. Was the Mother-in-law over 65? (Have heard differentiated requirements based on the threshold age of 65)
  1. For Apostilling the birth certificates state-side, how difficult was it to get the (i) county clerk, (ii) state secretary, and (iii) Federal Secretary of State to do it all? Timeline must have been a few months?
  1. What stage are you at the process of? Have you had your GV residency cards issued? Or SEF in-principle approval, etc?

Thank you for sharing :grin:

MiL is 72
Dad in law is in Texas and was able to apply for a birth cert locally for his daughter. He then sent it to our friends in Austin who did the walk in service for apostille at the Sec of State office, and then FedEx to Lisbon. Took about 6 weeks all in (mostly getting the birth cert). The same six weeks was used getting a Singapore marriage cert and Apostille (just after the Apostille authority changed). Again, friends handled the walk-in

Application was fully submitted at the start of the month, just before the 90 day criminal record checks expired. So… 3 months, give or take, made a little more complex by the multiple jurisdictions

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