Portugal Golden Visa documents apostille

Question: For golden visa for husband and wife and small child and one parent (over age 65) of applicant.

(All birth certificates will be translated into Portuguese by a legalized translator)

Wife’s birth certificate is from a non-Schengen country and cannot be apostilled or certified any further by any agency or consulate. Already tried.

It is certified translated into English though. Wife is an American citizen (not sure if this matters).

Parent of applicant (over age 65) birth certificate is from a Schengen country, but having difficulty getting it apostilled.

Does only the main applicant need apostille for his/her birth certificate? Who can answer this question with certainty?

Portuguese lawyer said all, but I am not so sure.

Thank you.

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Are you comfortable sharing what country your wife’s birth certificate is from? Perhaps someone has some insights into ways of getting it certified or apostilled…

Also, why is the parent included in the GV application if they were born in a Schengen country? Presumably they already have an EU citizenship then, or is that somehow not the case?

I would guess that the lawyer is right, but I can’t say so with certainty… Perhaps someone else knows for sure?