Is Paysera safe?

Hi everyone,

my business is established in Albania and the banks here suck. (I pay 1500 euro per year for few basic operations).
I read that paysera now covers Albania so I thought I tried to open the account.
They haven’t done it yet since their anti money laundering team has the doubt my business might be doing something illegal and after collecting all my data, contracts, personal data, business data, customers data they are still unsure. I know I do nothing illegal, is anything I can do to fix this? Has anyone else had a similar experience.

I wish I could get paid in crypto and have nothing to do with banks.


Did you try TransferWise? They support a lot of countries. And if you’re getting paid in EUR, you can easily get a SEPA account details through TW.

Thanks, but TransferWise doesn’t support Albania.

How about OFX? World Remit?

They are also risk averse and like shutting down accounts for no reason. I’ve had it happen to me three times with three companies trying to use Transferwise.