Is there a full-service firm for Investment based GV, like Mercan is for residential?

For residential based golden visas, Mercan does full hand-holding and basically a very easy process which covers everything where all you have to do is send them money and that’s it (from opening bank account/nif, to getting property, to their lawyers helping with any sef appointments, gv application etc)

Is there an equivalent firm for Investment based golden visas? If not, what’s the best equivalent (go do, then get your own separate Portugese lawyer and then go contact Edge etc?)


It’s really very straightforward for investing. Contact Bison, they’re happy to recommend lawyers. I like AGPC investments (Catarina Garrett specifically), then you shuffle money around a little and it’s all taken care of

Though you may end up a weirdo like me reading/posting here far too much

Hey! We’re not weirdos, we’re just willing to share our experiences of navigating the legal and bureaucratic obstacles in this lengthy process.

OK, fine, we’re weirdos.

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My attorney’s office (EDGE) just sent me an email saying I owe approx 1000 Euros for “property tax” on my Mercan investment. Is this a thing? I wasn’t aware of this. Seems the more they drag out the process the more “fees” they can collect.

Iberis is the private equity firm that I used for my GV investment in 2018. They’re not full-service, but if you get a good attorney, you’ll have most parts of the process covered.

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Do you have the contact information for Bison? I’m looking at IMGA Portugal funds and I understand you have to have specific banks to hold the shares? I was otherwise going to go with Millennium BCP Prestige or Atlantico Premium if they can hold the funds for me.