La Vida Golden Visa vs Mercan Group

Hey Melanie, I would really a appreciate it if you could share the name of the law firms you’re recommending.
I am using property route

I’m currently researching the best firm to hire for my GV application and your experience would add a lot of value to my decision. Thanks a lot

Well that is a Golden question for Golden visa, getting the money back is the key factor , but i can tell till today no one has got the money back.29th July 2022 and the problem is that if the hotel will not return the hotel apartment cannot be sold to anyone else , so it seems risky , as it is not a free hold property

Can you plz share your experience of working with them for one year, as i am under the impression since IAS is referred by Mercan, so they will not take care of investors interests , they will take care of only Mercan’s interest, so an independent lawyer is a solution ? as IAS not seem to do Property due diligence?

Plz let me know if my assumption is wrong ,

Hi Melanie,

Is that possible for you to share the lawyer’s contact info? I am talking with Mercan for reviewing several projects now.

Thanks lot!

Hi Sorry for the delay in response! We went the hotel investment route at the 280k EU level with the guaranteed buy back in a Hilton hotel via Mercan. Seemed the safest amongst all the options that we researched.

sure, I’ll IM you now. They assign different lawyers within Mercan to each case- mine changed once.

Hello violet,

Can tell us about your experience with Mercan? I’m about to start the process but need to hear some feedbacks from people with real cases , any negative thing about them?


I had the exact same concern, add to it that IAS is actually a subsidiary of Mercan as per what I’ve found on searching online. Did Anyone used 3rd party representation with Mercan?

When we were considering Mercan in late 2020, Jerry Morgan with Mercan told us we could use our own lawyer if desired. Ultimately, we decided on a different investment route. Again, this was back in late 2020.

Hi dyaakudsi,

The only negative thing I will say about them is that they dropped the ball on our paperwork at our biometrics appointment. We brought all our documents along with us to the appointment. The lawyer (who is not our case responsible, our appointment was in Azores so they sent a junior lawyer to accompany us to SEF) took our paperwork with him because it needed to be translated. What happened to it after that is unknown. The next communciation we got was that SEF needed our marriage certificate and police certificates. Of course the police certificates are only good for three months so the ones we had given to the Mercan attorney were expired and we had to go get new ones. I was very displeased with both the inconvenience and the delay. We are still waiting for our visas, our biometric appointments were in November and we got this notice mid-January and it took us about six weeks to get our police certificates reissued, apostilled, and sent to Mercan.
Outside of that, they have been fine. They did manage to get us last minute biometric appointments during a one-week trip to Portugal. They have offered us an extra week of free accommodation due to their mess up, which I don’t think is particularly generous but I’m not sure what I would consider adequate. If you are considering going this route then I would reach out to them directly, there is no high pressure sales pitch. In fact, they seem to just leave you be unless you reach out to them to move things along. This is the case even during the process, they will not be contacting you to send money, send documents, set up appointments, etc. They will do their part and wait for you to do yours.

Thanks Violet for your feedback,

So how long it took you since you started and where you’ve reached so far?