La Vida Golden Visa vs Mercan Group

wasn’t it supposed to be a Hilton property all along?

that’s the thing that concerned me and others about the project - what if it doesn’t sell out?

How does the 5 year GV timeline work with something like Evora? Is it from time of investment or time of operation or time of construction or something else?

that’s interesting and tricky. Does it mean the key condition of inhabitation category is investors would actually have to invest into an uncompleted project? If so, be ready to gamble acknowledging defeat.

I, too, am interested in working with Mercan, and would appreciate feedback from people who have experiences with them. Thanks!

Hey Christo,

I am new at that forum. Can you please share with me the contact details at Mercan group.


I’m new here would love those lawyer contacts!

Hi David, I’m new to this forum and just found this thread. Wondering if you can share your experiences with Mercan. I am interested in the Lapa project. Thanks so much!

Hello Queenie,

Nice to meet you, Mercan is one of the developers that I work with and they are a firm that I trust.
The Lapa Renaissance Hotel is indeed a very nice project, are you already in touch with them?

Kind Regards,

David Lincoln

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Hi David,

Thank you for your response. Yes, I will have a call with them soon.

When you say work, is that your line of work? Or are you also applying for golden visa?

I’m in my early stage of researching and the Mercan project does look really attractive. Plus, it aligns with what I want. My main concern is that I really don’t know much about them. So I’m trying to find more info about the company.

Hi David, I am also interested in your experience with Mercan if you are willing to share? We are new to this forum and also at the early stages of talking with Mercan. Thanks a lot!

Hi all,

I’ve been working with Mercan now since this summer. We have signed our Lease Agreement, set up a bank account, transferred our fund and just received our deed to our hotel in Porto, Portugal. Jason at Mercan has been incredible helpful, answering my questions in a timely manner and helping us through every step. We just emailed our legal docs (2 months to prepare) and now the lawyers in Porto are taking our info the SEF for our initial application. So far, everything has gone as planned, (not without some hiccups, but most were related to submitting the appropriate documents to get our bank account), and I am very happy with our progress. Please DM me for any specifics.
Stay safe and wishing you all well,

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Hi @mtrom - can you please share the law firm contacts for the D7 visa ? Thank you in advance :slightly_smiling_face:

I don’t think it is tricky, because investing in an uncompleted project is the rule to qualify the Golden visa category 4 , it states on the SEF, official website of Portugal golden visa
iv. The purchase of real estate property, with construction dating back more than 30 years or located in urban regeneration areas, for refurbishing, for a total value equal to or above 350 thousand Euros;, it clearly said you need to refurbishing here.
if you want complete project you need invest in 500,000 EURO, but is may unqualified soon as I heard the news
and i did saw Hilton official release the Mercan project
I ask many immigration company and ask around, Mercan did give me good information and the source is incredible helpful .
I will made decision soon I think.

thanks for your comments. Good luck!