La Vida Golden Visa vs Mercan Group

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Here is what one company says about their buyback. It seems encouraging.

The good news is you can purchase from €280,000 and some of the projects have even a buyback included from developers.

The buyback is a contractual option that you have displayed in your investment purchase (legally protected) that states after 6 or 7 years the developer can buy the investment from you for the same investment value. If you invest €280.000 you will receive the €280.000 back which you invested.

Until they provide bank’s guarantee on their buyback promises, there are just words on paper. :wink:
OK, bank will charge them some money for it, they may charge you - but it will be something you can rely on.

I’m curious to learn more about La Vida. Do you have any updates on your progress? It sounds like you are able to purchase a residence to live in immediately? Or do they provide rental service initially?

Hi Elisa – I have been looking into MFG Consultants and their 280K euro real estate rehab options and don’t recall having spent much time on La Vida. I believe it is ownership share in the property development (hotel) with on 7 to 14 days annual use rather than “owning” full use of a designated unit – at least for the options I am looking into. My biggest issues for resolution is getting a guaranteed in writing buyback at the end of the GV period and the potential for major tax complexity if I am considered a, “owner” of this foreign company.

I am also considering another GV program for a Caribbean country given the much lower opportunity costs but this would not preclude my future reconsideration for Portugal citizenship later.

I am meeting with a developer tomorrow and hope to get the actual contract info so I can review along with my tax attorney.


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Would love to hear how your application is going with Mercan now that it’s been 3 months:

Hi Cam and community

I had a similar chat with Jerry this week and reading your story was literally word for word the same as our call!
Really nice guy but my concern is that there is not much in the public domain on them besides a couple articles and their websites and marketing sites, and it’s not often you have the founder pitching the deal to you.
I even had myself googling “Mercan Scam”, “Mercan Fraud” to see if anything comes up but only 1 article back in 2008 where 7 Filipino truck drivers went to Canada and were really short changed to pay for the full expense so CNBC got involved.

My wife asked about the client referrals , and he said they can’t do so for privacy reasons (fair enough however if I went through a positive experience with them I would of said he can gladly use me as a referral) and then in the next breath he mentioned some famous guy, “the points guy”.
My wife googled the points guys and his story and it made her feel great that this guy mentioned Mercan but not sure why I still have my reservations, maybe because when someone “guarantees” anything (besides death and taxes), im a glass half empty guy .
Anyways I’m just sharing my views, take them with a pinch of salt, they still one of my top 3 I’m considering, maybe I’m just to used to the stock market and publicly available information!

See the link to the points guy below!

I find it hard to believe the Points Guy or any other website for that matter would promote Mercan out of their goodwill guys and gals. That includes NomadGate…

Not that I know anything, but I’m highly inclined to believe they are all compensated. But… maybe not.

Thanks, Lloyd. Very interesting.

I too remain interested in going with Mercan but have similar reservations. It may be simply that I’m very risk-averse, but I think it’s good for us all to remain in touch, in terms of sharing info on our experiences.

Do you have a clear sense at this point as to what happens if the given project in which one invests via Mercan winds up not happening or not getting completed or if winds up going bust? Are we still guaranteed getting all our money back, given that we (I think) are investing with Mercan, so any risk would come down to whether Mercan itself remains viable? As they seem, as far as one can tell, to have a good track record, that might suggest our money is relatively safe–though of course nothing is risk-free and any guarantee is contingent on the continuing viability of the entity making the guarantee.

Of course they are. But even if you are being compensated, recommending something bad is a great way to get your name besmirched, and for someone like Brian Kelly whose entire cash flow is dependent on eyeballs and people trusting TPG’s reviews of stuff, having a bunch of people lambasting him for a bad recco is simply bad business sense.

I wrote somewhere back up chain that basically you can think of this as a 3% corporate junior secured bond being issued by Mercan. Mercan has an interest in seeing it paid, and a reputational risk in doing so, but EOD they can default on the bond and leave you holding a deed in this shell of a building in .pt.

IMO from my DD I think it’s by and large a pretty safe risk. If you dig at Mercan, you see that underneath it is AII, which is a firm that’s done a lot of the same work for US EB-5 immigration purposes in the US for a really long time. It’s just what they do. Portugal is a newer line of biz for them so there isn’t as much track record. But that’s just one person’s opinion.

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I am also worried about the power of Attorney and the Proxy. It give the lawyer almost the full power over the bank account and i can not sign that? What have you done regarding the power of Attorney? did you find another lawyer to revise the POA? did you changed it? I think the pointed lawyer through Mercan group gives all the permillage to Mercan group.


Hi Bobby - have you looked any further with MFG? We had an initial consultation and starting our research. Thanks.

Hi @mtrom - can you please share the law firm contacts for the D7 visa ? Thank you in advanc