La Vida Golden Visa vs Mercan Group

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Don’t know much about real-estate funds. My impression is that they’re more like mutual funds invested in real estate whereas Mercan may be more like real-estate purchase. But you should definitely look carefully at any prospectuses, talk to the firms, consult an attorney, etc.

Pls keep us posted as to how the webinar goes.


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Thank you, Will do. :slight_smile:

Hi Armin,

I would still suggest signing up for the webinar even if the time does not work for you—we will send a recording to everyone who signs up, so you can watch it later. You can also submit questions to them in the registration form.

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anyone have a summary on the new projects? still roughly the same deal as before (3%+buyback) or changes?

Hi all:

This thread seems to have been going for about a year now. Does anyone know of anyone who’s actually gotten a Portuguese residency card through one of these investment schemes?

The point around their scale as a factor of low risk is very helpful. Thank you for your comment.

I am considering one of Mercan projects (as one of my several options), but I want to highlight this risk that seems to be generally overlooked here: If Mercan fails and leaves the unfinished project, what will happen to my GV? Suppose I go for the renewal of my GV at the end of the second year, and they say “Oh sorry; you were supposed to complete this rehabilitation project, which you didnt and therefore you are not eligible for GV renewal anymore.” Well, the financial risk of failure may be tolerable, but risking my entire GV saga is not something I can tolerate. I need to clear this up before I go ahead with Mercan. I appreciate your thoughts and opinions.

I think this risk has been discussed upthread. Your GV is fine in this case. The proof of your investment is the deed you have for the piece of the hotel you purchased. As long as you don’t sell that, your investment is still valid - worthless perhaps, but still valid. And since it’s a valid title deed registered with the city of Porto, it’s not something that just goes poof in the wind. Sure there was a presumption that there was to be a rehab, but you bought into a SEF-approved project and put the money in, with documentation that the money left your hands and went to the project. If Mercan runs off with it, that’s between Mercan and the City of Porto.

I think it’s more complicated than that. Only part of the money that we pay goes for the purchase of the land (around 50% I guess) and the rest goes to a Mercan subsidiary that we appoint under a contract to build the hotel on our behalf. So if something goes wrong, the developer’s failure would be on our behalf as they are our appointed contractors. Porto city or SEF will have no responsibility here.

It isn’t more complicated. It goes back to “you invested the money in an approved project, SEF sees that, done.” If you back out then it’s a problem -'cept of course you can’t, because it’s all structured that way if you read through all the paperwork, which is part of what’s required for it to be signed off on by SEF in the first place. If the project goes foom then you’re out your money but your application is fine.

Your lawyer should be able to confirm all this.

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Hi, I just wanted to see if anybody here has moved forward with Mercan?

If so, how far along in the process are you and what has been your experience to date?

If you don’t feel comfortable posting publicly, I would greatly appreciate a private message.


@Fegeri your GV is not in Risk, because all the process have to ready on the day it start, meaning buy que real estate and the renovation :ok_hand:. The only risk you mentioned is loose the investment :pouting_cat:. But Mercan is a big company and works with the best hotels in the world like Hilton.

Most of people that invest with Mercan are from China and Hong Kong. This kind of product is more a financial product that chineses are uses to deal. :wave: :call_me_hand:

Dear Bobby,
Did you end up signing with MFG? I met with them, they seem pretty nice and transparent. Could you share your impressions?
Thank you,


If you are interested in real estate properties. Our company, based in Lisbon, has a great source of properties

  • 280K low density apartments with 4% guaranteed income
  • 350K apartments (various projects mainly in Lisbon) with 4% guarantee income
  • hotel buy back in Algarve, with 7% guarantee income, and can be higher depending on the hotel occupancy.

The hotel brand is Mariott. This one you have the option to sell back to the developers around year 5-7. The main advantages is that you are buying a unique units just like any apartments, and you sign the 30 year lease contract for the hotel, you have the buy back option, but you can also keep the apartment or sell in the second hand market for capital appreciation. No maintenance cost for the 30 years.

The hotel has sea view (starting from 199K) and non sea view units (starting from 169K), thus you would need to buy 2 units to make up for the 350K GV. But at the end, you can even keep one and sell one back to the developer!!!

In short, it has more flexibility, lower counter party risk, higher yields.

The developer is keeping 51% of the units under their own portfolio.

We are also in the process getting some new real estate funds, but that maybe available in a later stage.

If you are interested in the above 3 options, please send me a PM with your email, nationality and name.

We can also source properties in the second hand market according to your criteria.

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@susanayang this offer looks wondeful! may I know the company name? thanks.

@VillageNomad In USA we do due diligence, it is really helpful, as it is 350k investment, I will not listen random people give me suggestion.

Thanks for this thread. I’ve been looking at various GV methods and Mercan has been one of the ways we have looked at it. I’m still torn between real estate and just doing one of the funds.

likewise, anyone have experience with Mercan ?

What’s the problem with Mercan? I signed a lawyer contract in April. First,I chose the LAPA. After paying the lawyer’s fee, tell me that I must change the project, because there are too many investors in LAPA.

I had to choose Evora Holiday.

Just now, Mercan’s staff told me that he was leaving, the reason can not be said. I can choose to refund or continue. I’m worried. Is there something wrong with Mercan Group and does anyone know more about it?