La Vida Golden Visa vs Mercan Group

Thank you, Will do. :slight_smile:

Hi Armin,

I would still suggest signing up for the webinar even if the time does not work for you—we will send a recording to everyone who signs up, so you can watch it later. You can also submit questions to them in the registration form.

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anyone have a summary on the new projects? still roughly the same deal as before (3%+buyback) or changes?

Hi Sarah,

I’m also interested to invest in Lapa with Mercan and would like to join the group please.

Thank you,

Please PM me your email, so I can send invite.

Hi Sarah,
We’re seriously looking into either Lapa or the new project - Holiday Inn in Evora. We’ve had a chat with Jerry and will be speaking with their lawyer Lydia, tomorrow.
We’d love to join the group and hear about your experiences and advice.

Alex and Michele

Don’t know why some people can contact me and know i want to apply golden visa, the only place can leak my info is from that investor group , be careful guys

Hi Sarah

Pls add me in your group.

Does anyone read Jeremy.b comment? @Jeremy.b

omg… that is kinda freaky. Be extremely careful when disclosing your personal info…