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Any one knows for citizenship in GV , A2 exam CIPLE is mandatory or if online certificate from some instituation like Comes A1-A2-B1 will be enough as supporting documet , cause i read if you have a higher A2 certificate. Will be enough !!!

I confess I have difficulty understanding the question so hope one of the answers below may deal with what you ask.
Throughout the EU there is a minimum language requirement for an application for citizenship, and in Portugal this is A2. If your question is whether anything above A2 is accepted, then the answer is Yes. An exam above A2 will be accepted for the nationality application. However, if you come from a CPLP country (Communidade Portuguesa de Lingua Portuguesa, ie you had formal schooling in Portuguese) you are assumed to be fluent and exempted from the exam.
If your question is whether there are only some institutions that are authorised to give the certificate, then the answer is also Yes. Studying alone, or at a particular insitution is not enough. A certificate at A2 or above from an approved institution is necessary. Not all institutions are authorised to give the official recognised certificate.
The official IRN site Como obter a nacionalidade portuguesa specifies that the certificate has to be provided by an institution that is accepted by the Ministry of Education. If I try to find out the names of these institutions, I am taken straight to And the exam page is at this url: Os exames de PLE - Centro de Avaliação de Português Língua Estrangeira


Thanks for your kind reply . My question is as GV citizenship required language skill A2 . If someone study online in some institute which exist in portugal e.g camoes . And received the certification . Such as A1-A2 and also B1 . ( my main question is )
In case some one has these 3 certificate still needs to pass A2 ( CIPLE) exam to approve language knowledge or presenting B1 caertification would be enough as supporting documents ?

The GV does not give citizenship. The GV gives a residency card, renewable for up to 5 years. After a minimum of 5 years residency you are allowed to apply for citizenship.

The CAPLE exam (Centro de Avalação e Certificação de Português Lingua Estrangeira) from the Universidade de Lisboa is the only written and oral exam of Portuguese as a foreign language that will be accepted: Natureza e missão - Centro de Avaliação de Português Língua Estrangeira.
Attending or passing a course at Camoes will not be accepted, even if it is a C1 level.

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Thanks for the advice , i checked with 2 lawyers plus mine all said if passed 150 hours in any online institute which approved by Gov no need for any Ciple A2 exam for GV only . Cause they mentioned even any certification above A2 such as B1 can be accepted . Or above 60 years old also no need for any exam . As main document exist such as the asset and also bank account and other social activity which shows that you are connected will be enough any how i will understand will work next year or not :rofl:. Im on year 8 in this programe .

I believe the law here is Article 25 of Decreto-Lei 237-A/2006 of 14/12, as amended by DL 26/2022 of 18/03

There are various routes. NB in the law, I think the exemption for 60 year olds only applies if they can’t read or write.

a) Certificate of qualification or certificate issued by a public, private, or cooperative educational institution recognized under legal terms, as long as its holder has successfully attended the course unit/subject of ortuguese or Portuguese as a Non-Mother Tongue for at least two academic years;

b) Certificate of approval in a Portuguese language test carried out in public educational institutions, when conducted in Portuguese territory, or in places accredited by Camões - Institute for Cooperation and Language, I.P., when conducted abroad. The regulation of this test, as well as its respective control, must be part of an ordinance from the members of the Government responsible for the areas of foreign affairs, internal administration, justice, and education;

c) Certificate in Portuguese as a foreign language, issued upon completion of a test in a Portuguese language assessment center recognized by the Ministry of Science, Technology and Higher Education, by protocol;

d) Certificate attesting to the completion of level A2 or higher of the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages, issued by public educational institutions, employment and training centers and protocol centers of the Institute for Employment and Professional Training, I.P. (IEFP, I.P.), under the Ordinance No. 1262/2009, of October 15, in its current wording;

e) Certificate of the Portuguese Language Reception course attesting to the completion of level A2 or higher of the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages, issued by public educational institutions, establishments that are part of the network of centers for direct and participated management of IEFP, I.P., and by Qualifica Centers, under the Ordinance No. 183/2020, of August 5;

f) Certificate of qualifications attesting to the completion of competence units/training units in Portuguese language that are part of the school training component of a qualification from the National Catalogue of Qualifications, obtained through dual certification training modalities of the National System of Qualifications, according to Article 9 of Decree-Law No. 396/2007, of December 31, in its current wording, and that make up a minimum of 100 hours.

Thanks looks there is alot way for no CIPLE A2 . As the lawyer said camoes is one of them and 150 hours online class as well is a point . Any how i will see how is work . Thanks again for all the advices u send .

If has to pass then has to pass :rofl: and no way

There are many options to prove the A2 qualifications, unfortunately the Online A2 course is not one among them. Camoes does offer an Online A2 course with an official PDF certificate with your name and the level taken printed on it,= but they shall not register your qualification in the registry, instead they do suggest you to take CIPLE A2 exams. As per my lawyer CIPLE or PLA or any university language courses of 150 hours shall be sufficient.

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Learning Portuguese - AD-ent-C-ACM - ACM

If I complete the PLA course successfully, do I have to take the Portuguese Language Exam, commonly known as the “Nationality Exam”?

No, if you obtain a certificate at level A2 – Elementary User or higher, you are exempted from taking the Portuguese Language Exam.

Is the A2 level (Elementary User) certificate accepted when applying for Portuguese Nationality?


Is the B2 level (Independent User) certificate accepted when applying for Portuguese Nationality?


Is the A2 level (Elementary User) certificate accepted in the application for the permanent residence permit?


Is the B2 level (Independent User) certificate accepted in the application for the permanent residence permit?


Is the A2 level (Elementary User) certificate accepted in the application for long-term resident status?


Is the B2 level (Independent User) certificate accepted in the application for long-term resident status?


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What about PLA online . they mentiones its totally possible the online classes in A1/A2 acceptable for citizenship without needed for CIPLE exam.

EdPro Association

Any advice in this.

I don’t know, you should call them and ask.

PLA isn’t online, only in-person at Portuguese schools, in Portugal. So it’s only suitable if you actually live or will be in Portugal full-time for at the very least several months. Edit: Apparently EdPro is now offering an online PLA course, thanks for the correction guys!

To my knowledge, it’s the only other approved way of meeting the A2 requirement for citizenship than the CIPLE exams if you’re not from a Portuguese-speaking country.

This newsletter talks about how the PLA courses work in practice:


Hi thoma thanks for the kind advice . I think they recently practice online . And this belongs to government . Any how today i called them and i will ask and will update here . As i understood because of high volume of PLA request they start online for 150 hours . Today i will ask if i pass these two level am i excluded from A2 ciple exam for citizenship or not . And will update cause this platform is totally under government .


Dear thoma i just talked with them and its confirmed there is no need for CIPLE A2 exam for citizenship if pass A1-A2 online classes they will issue RVCC and this one will register ur name as you passed 150 hours ( 3-4 days in a week ) each class is 4 hours and have to attend 90% of the class and pass the releated homework and exams . Honestly it will be so nice . And total perios is less than 3 month but as i understood its a long waiting list and people has to register at least 1-2 month before the bew classes starts


In addition to CIPLE and PLA the third option is to get a A2 language certificate after completing the in-person course in a Portuguese University Language Schools… To name a few Univ. Coimbra, Porto and Lisboa et al., offers those courses which satisfies the PR or Citizenship application requirements.


True but its so time wasting honestly for us which not so much time to be in one place i think still a good online programe like the below which they confirm no need for CIPLE A2 exam would be great

This is the link for those who want to explore this further:

Online Portuguese Platform (


Will this link - Online Portuguese Platform ( be enough for citizenship without need for doing CIPLE A2 exam?

Hi ben this link below you can call and dbl check with them . I called them yesterday and they confirmed if pass PLA ( A1-A2) online no need for CIPLE A2 exam . But they have waiting list and has to register .


PLA Level A1/A2 Português Língua de Acolhimento | Edpropt

Frequently ask questions.

  1. What are the Português Língua de Acolhimento (PLA) courses?

Português Língua de Acolhimento (PLA) courses (formerly known as Portuguese for Speakers of Other Languages (PFOL) or Portuguese for All (PPT)), created within the scope of Ordinance No. 183/2020, of 5 August (amended by Ordinance No. 184/2022, published on 21st July), aim to respond to migrant’s needs concerning Portuguese language learning.

These courses certify levels A1 + A2 (Elementary User) according to the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages (CEFR).

Reference ACM Alto Comissariado para as Migrações Fundo de Asilo, Migração e integração - União Europeia

  1. Who can attend Português Língua de Acolhimento PLA courses?

PLA courses are aimed at adults, aged 16 years or more, whose mother language is not Portuguese and/or who do not have basic, intermediate or advanced skills in Portuguese, according to the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages (CEFRL).

The recipients referred to in the previous paragraph must hold a residence permit, under the terms of the national legislation applicable to foreign citizens, or must present one of the following documents:

a) Proof that a procedure has been initiated for the extension of stay in national territory or for the granting or renewal of a residence permit;

b) Proof of submission of an application for international protection or temporary protection.

c) Proof of attribution of the Social Security Identification Number (NISS).

3 - PLA courses are also addressed to holders of short-term visas for seasonal work, temporary stay or residence, in accordance with national legislation applying to foreign citizens.

More information please do check Ordinance no. 183/2020 of 5 August.

  1. How long are the courses certifying level A (A1 + A2) - Elementary User?

The courses that certify level A (A1 + A2) have a maximum of 150 hours.

  1. What is the typical learner’s profile?

We welcome every learner from any level and any background.

  1. If I complete the Português Língua de Acolhimento (PLA) course successfully, do I have to take the Portuguese Language Exam, commonly known as the “Nationality Exam”?

No. Here at Edpro Association. After you complete 150 hours and comply with our learner’s expectation policies you are exempted from taking the Portuguese Language Exam.

Note: Edpro Association provides quality education and partners with government awarding bodies to accredit the certificates. We follow the RVCC process. Learners must follow our policies in order to validate this course. Please check our Learners Expectations policies for Portuguese language course.

​6. After completing the A1+A2 level (Elementary User) at Edpro Association, the certificate received is accepted when applying for Portuguese Nationality?

Yes. The learner will receive a validated certificate accepted in the application for the permanent residence permit.

  1. Is there any cost of the course?

Yes. We have a small service charge that it’s affordable to everyone.

One of our missions at Edpro it’s to provide affordable education available to everyone. We are providing intensive course aimed to be completed within 8 weeks max, qualify Portuguese Native teachers that are able to speak and give instruction in English, free resources, live webinar, cultural events to enrich the skills and help you to communicate and navigate the language faster.

Please note: Once you are registered with us. Edpro Association will contact the students and provide with more details start dates, timetable and instructions.