Manufacturing in Portugal

Hi all,

Has anyone one in the community experience dealings with apparel manufacturing in Portugal? I’ve been on the interwebs for some guidance and I will be heading over to check things out in person, but would be helpful if anyone can share their experience for some tips. I only speak English, a bit of French (enough to not starve or get lost and die in the mountains) and Vietnamese which will be useless in Portugal :laughing: Is this a massive barrier for business partnerships?

Also, does anyone know what the logistics and warehousing situation is like over there?

TIA , Hai

Hello Hai, I’m a Portuguese lawyer. It really depends on the region you’re going to. In or around Lisbon and Oporto, English and French should be fine. However, in the other parts of the country, you should go with someone local or at least someone who speaks the language. Best of luck for your trip and enjoy the country!

Hi, Hai,

I live in Brazil and a friend asked me to listen for the different pronunciations of Portuguese before my recent travel to Lisbon.

After a month in Lisbon I returned to Brazil and my friend asked me about accents and I told him that people in Lisbon have no accent, they all speak American English. :grinning:


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