English speakers

Hi I was wondering if someone that only speaks English has a change to find a job in Portugal, my husband is an Accountant Director for a catering company in London where we live. We are so excited with the plans to move to Portugal. Any advice will be very grateful

It is generically difficult for a foreigner to find a job in Portugal. You are disadvantaged versus all local and EU citizens. So if it is a job other people can do, you are the last person to be considered. If you cannot speak the language, you are of course even more disadvantaged. Many speak english but it is a second language. While I hear people talk all the time about how good people’s english is there, IME it’s ok at best unless they’re under 25. There is nothing I have seen so far to indicate to me that anyone speaking only english is going to be able to function in any practical sense as part of an Portuguese organization.

Most people who move to Portugal do so intending to live on their own means or through remote work. It’s really not a good idea to plan on getting a job there.

Very sad to hear it, however the first plan is for him to keep travelling to London working 3 times a week in the office then 2 days from home “hopefully will be in Portugal “ soon.
Thank you so much for your reply.