TEFL / Visa Questions - Portugal

Hello! A couple questions relating to Visas in Portugal…thank you in advance!

  1. Does anyone have good resources or knowledge for teaching English in Portugal? Spain seems to have a large market for TEFL teachers, however I cannot find any information or positions regarding this need Portugal. We are exploring all the ways we can get to Portugal including D7, GV, etc.
  2. If I work remotely (i.e. have job in US that allows remote work), what visa would be most advisable to acquire and if you need to get a local job down the road will you be able to?

Hi Emily,

People in Portugal who want to learn English usually go to one of the many language schools available or to places like the British Council. Another thing I’ve seen is that foreign language teachers sometimes work with companies for the benefit of their employees (e.g. in one of the firms where I used to work, we had spanish lessons once a week).

As for GV vs. D7, it all comes down to how long you will be staying in Portugal. If more than 6 months per year, then D7 could do; if less, then probably GV. In both cases you would be able to get a job locally.

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Thank you so much, Gui! If you are able to apply for local jobs, does that mean they would still first consider Portuguese or EU citizens or are you considered a resident and therefore Just as eligible? I appreciate your insight very much. We feel we would be able to have passive income and remote work to gain tempLeary residency but within the first year would want to work locally in some capacity it possible.

Also appreciate your language insight! Thank you so much.

i thought you could not work locally. until after 5yrs (becoming citizen) of D7. Once you become citizen you could work locally I thought. reason being the D7 is a retirement/passive income visa whereby you get your income from a source not within portugal… am I wrong on all of this? if so, I’d like to know as well.

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The last time I checked, there was nothing in the law against a D7 holder working in / from Portugal.

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