Waiting for Digital Nomad visa in Spain. Is Portugal an option?

Hi. My name is Eric, and I have recently arrived by road from the UK in Madrid. I am teaching English online to kids in the Middle East or Far East mainly. It appears the visa for digital nomads will become available in July in Spain, but in the current world climate there can be no guarantee of anything, and the criteria for the visa still hasn’t been made clear.

So I was wondering if anyone would have any information on how easy it would be to work remotely in Portugal, and get a (golden) visa as an online English teacher. I earn more than the 705 euros that seems to be one of the criteria, and if I like the country, would love to stay for a few years, considering Spain always as my back up option. Has anyone else tried to do this in Portugal in this line of work? Any tips on how to get the visa? I dread moving back to the UK and really want to make this work. Any help or advice would be very much appreciated! Thank you for any help you can give me. Eric.