Portugal digital nomad visa update

Digital nomad visa in effect from Oct 30 2022: https://www.portugal.gov.pt/pt/gc23/comunicacao/noticia?i=alteracoes-a-lei-dos-estrangeiros-simplifica-procedimentos

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• Temporary stay visa and residence permit for digital nomads

In situations of subordinate work, the visa application must be accompanied by documents attesting to tax residency and average monthly income in the last three months of a minimum value equivalent to four guaranteed minimum monthly wages and by one of the following documents:

  • the employment contract
  • promise of employment contract;
  • the employer’s statement proving the employment relationship.

In the case of self-employed activity, the application must be accompanied by documents attesting to tax residency and average monthly income in the last three months of a minimum value equivalent to four minimum monthly remunerations guaranteed by one of these documents:

  • the Articles of Association;
  • Contract for the provision of services or proposal for a contract for the provision of services;
  • Document demonstrating services provided to one or more entities.

So, more appointments will be needed from SEF for the issue of new temporary digital nomad permits.

I was afraid of that, but I read in one or two places that you could apply for it at the home country, not necessarily eat into SEF’s limited appointment capacity in Portugal. Not fully clear yet.

But given that for most other digital nomad visas like Estonia, you apply in your home country’s embassy and do your biometrics locally, one would hope Portugal would follow the same pattern.

I know permanent residency isn’t of concern to most digital nomads on such visas but is there a potential path for those who use this visa and live there for a substantial number of years?

The Digital Nomad Visa gives me hope that my family may be able to enter Portugal while we wait for our Golden Visa to process.

If I come up with any information, I’ll be sure to post. Likewise, I’m interested to hear if anyone gets any information on the potential of the Digital Nomad Visa preceding Golden Visa path.


It is my understanding that the Nomad visa specifically excludes qualifying as long term residency for permanent residency or future citizenship. It is really just a work visa.


I’m likely missing something obvious. Does anyone know how earnings are taxed with a digital nomad visa?

A follow up from my previous post.

My understanding from counsel is that the Golden Visa Process would need to be abandoned in order to apply for the digital nomad visa in Portugal.

I am now wondering if applying for a Spanish Digital Nomad Visa and spending time in Spain while waiting for the Portugese Golden Visa to process will be a viable path. I hope that when further details on the Spanish Digital Nomad Visa are available that this is the case.

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Does anyone have a link to the full digital nomad visa law? I’ve only been able to find the summary

Specifically, on the temporary stay option of the digital nomad visa, I’d like to know would we be able to travel around the Schengen area, or just Portugal? If we use the temporary stay visa to only be in Portugal just under 6 months, do we have to worry about being liable for Portuguese taxes?

See reference to the law here: Portugal digital nomad visa live - #2 by Onward.