Portugal digital nomad visa live

Apparently this is now live.

Does anyone have a link to official documentation regarding this please?

Also, in other countries, these are issued in 10 days. Makes sense if your visa is only a year. How in the world is SEF going to pull off having even more to process, quickly?

The law was anticipated quite a long time ago: https://dre.pt/dre/detalhe/decreto-regulamentar-regional/4-2022-182291600, but the details were published in August: https://files.dre.pt/1s/2022/08/16400/0000200137.pdf and Artigo 61.º-B on page 25 of the pdf deals with digital visas (“atividade profissional prestada de forma remota”). The law came into effect end Oct 2022. It is the creation of visas to accommodate those who wish to work in Portugal (thus dealing with local needs for skilled workers) and includes 2 types of “digital nomad” visas - either temporary or for long term residence - applicable to freelancers or dependent workers providing remote services. Many (or some of those) wanting to do this have been applying under the D7 but the new law makes it more explicitly for the purpose of actively working from Portugal. The review/assessment of the Visa is similar to the D7 visa, and therefore I believe it is not fully processed in Portugal, but initial authorization may be through the Portuguese embassy in the person’s home country. But I/we cannot be sure of this yet unless it is described in the law.
A helpful description in English is available at: Regulation of the latest alterations to the Legal Regime of Foreigners - News - Teresa Patrício & Associados - Law Firm.

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