Most secure+private mobile cell/smart phone against 14 eyes surveillance?


I’m looking for most secure+private mobile cell/smart phone against 14 eyes surveillance?

Threat model: Includes but not limited to the 14 eyes countries global surveillance, with journalist grade protection. Disabling possibility to three letter agencies to access camera and microphone and GPS data without your knowledge, etc etc


  1. Taiga phone (by Russia)
  2. Some Huawei models could be secure in 14 eyes countries (by China)
  3. Comparing Blackberry Key2/Key2-LE vs Some Motorola models may be secure?
  4. Blackphone BP 3 (3rd generation)
  5. There are plenty of pro-claimed secure phones that are offered online as secure phones may be secure?
  6. Feel free to suggest me some cell phones with references and proven test results and reasons that make them secure against above mentioned threat model plus more threats that may not included here?


Tnx and best of luck

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Hey @Blonde

If you’re looking for cell-phone (not a smart-phone), — I’m personally using simple Nokia 105.
Since phone has no GPS nor camera, there is no way to hack it.
No test results, sorry


Hiya @dr.dimitru

Thanks. I’m looking both cellphone and smartphone. :slight_smile:
There are many cell phones, like BLU branded cellphones or Russian branded ones Servo. Are you sure the Nokia is more secure than BLU or Servo or similar brands? Based on some sources, Nokia is one of the companies that selling surveillance tech gears to governments.


Tnx and best of luck

No, I can’t prove that statement. I am just stating the fact that phone with no camera, GPS, Bluetooth, and GPRS/3G/LTE much harder to track, spoof, or get malware.

The rest of security is between you and the cell-phone operator you trust to. The only man-in-the-middle, in that case, is infrastructure provided by cell-phone operators.

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Probably, all of communications through cell phones are under electronic surveirance, and transfer to servers of secret service of your goverment, and NAS and/CIA via nearest us base.
Everyone should know even the encryption machine used to be controlled by CIA.
Even those of CIA contolling “fake” media reported as below:

You had better, as Snowden said, at least use Telegram and Signal, and other third encryption system, and variant of Lynux or other technology instead of CIA controlling US spy tech like MSFT/ Windows/ GOOGL/ Android/ Fb/ Twitter.

Additionaly, Google Android has critical problem of vulnerability (easy to hack and hard to remove):

And FB is able to access almost all of your data through WhatsApp as spyware:

The united nation (and probably amazon) as well:

Twitter as well:


Google faces $5 BILLION lawsuit for ‘illegally invading the privacy of millions of users’ by ‘tracking their internet use through incognito mode’

  • Google has been hit with a class action suit filed in San Jose, California
  • The lawsuit alleges Google continued to collect data during ‘incognito’ mode
  • They say Google has personal data of which 'Orwell could never have dreamed’
  • Google says they clearly state that some websites might still see a user’s activity

prepaid simcard and keep it off when not using